Co-Pilot Basics and Blunders

  • Finally have time to learn more about the copilot (and sometimes I just like to ride along and see how it's supposed to be done). While most of the icons on the lower right are self-evident, is there anyplace that simply states what each icon does? Also, generally speaking, what are some of the limitations?

    As examples of my lack of experience,

    • with the 172 on final, speed was 60kts for a long time, no flaps, and the angle of attack was really nose high. Still landed well, but took forever!
    • LJ45 took off at an incredibly high VS (6000+). Normal?
    • Then the 737 also had a high takeoff VS (max possible!), which of course resulted in an airspeed of about 160kts until it had "see-sawed" it self to altitude.
    • if I do a flight with the copilot, finish, then change planes, are all the new plane's flight characteristics going to change too? Can't tell if there are residual characteristics from the previous plane.
    • How can I set the altitude, VS, airspeeds for the copilot to fly in a flight plan?

    I've tried to piece together how to use the copilot, but there's about 50% of it I can't figure out (which, at 71, I guess may be normal.)

    Thanks for any help 8)

  • Checkout our intro tutorial:

    The C172 no flaps is an issue which I can't yet replicate consistently. I've had it a few times but don't know why. This is a bug. It should use full flaps. If you need more speed then just use the faster button :)

    LJ45 is overpowered and pretty light. Copilot uses max thrust, too :)

    B737 is also not very heavy and again, he uses max thrust which you wouldn't do normally in the real aircraft.

    The characteristics shouldn't get transported to the next aircraft. It's impossible for parts of the physics simulation to be still active when the next aircraft is loaded, the copilot only checks: ah aircraft changed and then loads the copilot.tmc file from that aircraft. If the aircraft doesn't have that it should still reset all figures to default.

    You can just press the route button to follow the flight plan.