Vulkan not producing output in Lenovo Mixed Reality VR Headset

  • I'm running into problems using my Lenovo WMR headset in Aerofly when rendering is set to Vulcan.

    The game window runs fine on the desktop and moves in response to movement of the headset but the display is simply not being sent to the Headset.

    OpenGL mode works fine.

    A quick glance at the Steam forums suggests that other people may be seeing the same problem (though others are fine) and pointed me at the steam logs.

    For me these were in c:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs

    Within that directory I found C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\logs\vrclient_aerofly_fs_2.txt

    and checking this file showed a lot errors of the follwing type which aren't present when load the game in VR mode with the OpenGL system

    Sat Apr 04 2020 16:03:04.568 - Error: LiquidVR OpenSharedImage failed (2)

    Sat Apr 04 2020 16:03:04.568 - Failed to create Vulkan image with LiquidVR.

    Sat Apr 04 2020 16:03:04.568 - Failed to create Vulkan image from D3D11 resource.

    Sat Apr 04 2020 16:03:04.570 - IVRSystem::GetOutputDevice: failed to find VkPhysicalDevice matching adapter UUID

    I know some people are getting VR to work fine on WMR devices so is it possible that can have a look at their Steam VR log and confirm if they seem silimar errors or not ?

    I've also attached text from the logs for equivalent OpenGl and Vulkan loads of the program



  • I get a black screen when I start Aerofly from steam in Oculus mode with Vulcan enabled. The sound comes through but no picture. When using OpenGL everything works fine.

    Funny thing is that if I start the game in SteamVR mode both Vulkan and OpenGL works just fine. Hopefully it's an easy fix...