My easter egg: The treasure hunt in "Bella Italia" is revived! .... :)

  • ... and now you can win:

    ( yes you reading right )

    100,-€ !!!

    ( only for donors )

    The treasure is not in north - and not in south Italy.

    And here again my last clue:

    The easter-treasure hunt ends at tuesday, 14.04.2020

    Good luck pilots! :)

  • Congratulations 'Firststep' for finding the Easter Egg....and that for a so called 'beginner', very well acomplished...or was it pure luck ?

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  • For the other donors: Its very important, to read this! First in german, then i use Google translator.


    TA TAAAA -

    Erst mal HERZLICHEN GLÜCKWUNSCH, dass Du den Schatz gefunden hast:!:

    Du hast gefunden, wonach andere seit Monaten am suchen sind.

    Jetzt kommt aber ein großes "Aber!":

    Zuerst: "Firststep" ist kein Beginner oder Anfänger, er ist im Forum seit Dezember 2017 registriert.

    Jetzt das ganz große "Aber":

    Als ich sagte, die Schatzsuche läuft wieder, bedeutet das ab diesem Punkt logischer Weise "Rien ne marche plus" ( Nichts geht mehr ). Bedeutet, ab diesem Punkt ist Kassenschluss und es werden keine weiteren Einsätze mehr angenommen und nur diejenigen sind teilnahmeberechtigt, die vorher etwas zur Anerkennung meiner Leistung ( und nicht schnell noch aus wirtschaftlichen Interessen ) gespendet hatten.

    Man kann nicht seinen Lottoschein ausfüllen nachdem man die Lottozahlen kennt und noch schnell rufen: "Hier ist mein Einsatz - Her mit der Million!" Das ist unlogisch und wäre den anderen Teilnehmer gegenüber nicht fair und glatter Betrug. Man muss immer VORHER seinen Einsatz bezahlen und nicht hinterher!

    Ich hoffe Du verstehst das?

    Würde ich Dir den Schatz jetzt auszahlen, würden die anderen Teilnehmer Dich UND mich steinigen.

    Es gibt jetzt mehrere Möglichkeiten:

    Du sagst zu mir: "Die 25,-€ sind gespendet aus Gründen zur Anerkennung Deiner Leistung und nicht aus wirtschaftlichen Interessen - behalte das Geld!". In diesem Fall wärst Du automatisch für die nächste Schatzsuche in Österreich qualifiziert.


    Du sagst: "Es war wohl ein Missverständnis - ich habe aus rein wirtschaftlichem Interesse gehandelt" - dann überweise ich Dir die 25,-€ zurück.

    Oder drittens: Die Community sagt: "Wir gönnen ihm den Gewinn - er hat den Schatz schließlich gefunden und wir nicht!"

    Zuerst aber die Frage an die Community:

    Habe ich recht?

    Oder was sagt die Community?


    And here in englisch ( god save the translator ) :D


    TA TAAAA - :!::!::!:

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS that you found the treasure:!:

    You have found what others have been looking for for months.

    Now comes a big "But!":

    First: "Firststep" is not a beginner, it has been registered in the forum since December 2017.

    Now the really big "but":

    From that point on, when I said that the treasure hunt is on again, it logically means "Rien ne marche plus" (nothing works anymore). Means, from this point the box office closes and no further bets are accepted and only those who are eligible to participate have previously donated something to recognize my performance (and not quickly because of economic interests).

    You cannot fill out your lottery ticket after knowing the lottery numbers and quickly shouting: "Here is my stake - hand over the million!" This is illogical and would not be fair and smooth fraud to the other participants. You always have to pay BEFORE and not afterwards!

    I hope you understand that?

    If I paid you the treasure now, the other participants would stone you AND me.

    There are now several options:

    You say to me: "The € 25 is donated for reasons of recognition of your performance and not for economic interests - keep the money!". In this case you would automatically be qualified for the next treasure hunt in Austria.


    You say: "It was probably a misunderstanding - I acted out of purely economic interest" - then I will transfer the € 25 back to you.

    Or third, the community says: "We'll give him the profit - he finally found the treasure and we didn't!"

    But first the question to the community:

    I'm right?

    Or what does the community say:?::!:

  • Well done Firststep! I am happy for you.

    It was there after all...

    Within a few hours of Schnuffelduffel posting his 3 bright spots hint I located the place and circled around. However I thought I was looking for a bright yellow furry face, not writing in a corn field! I would have felt like a cheat anyway. I used his screen shot to guess the time of day and orientation relative to the mountains. Knowing it wasn't too far south from first hint, I searched ridge lines on the map based on the guessed orientation, and found the location on about the 3rd guess. I also set the time of day to dawn and dusk for some of my circling trying to find high contrast, which was the opposite of what was needed.

  • However I thought I was looking for a bright yellow furry face, not writing in a corn field!


    I have say it from beginn: Somewhere my name is written on a field! :) And no furry face! :D

    And please read my other post here!

  • Schnuffelduffel I see you made a big post at about the same time as mine, yours appeared first.

    If I had won, I'd want you to keep the money. I made a small donation to you and Higgy. You're not going to get rich giving things away for free!

    But it was at least a couple hours fun hunting for the treasure. Italy is an enormous country when you try to cross it!

    Edit: I think you should pay Firststep the prize, he found the location and made the donation. Seems you keep wanting to update the rules, the prize and the discussion. Time to end this, perhaps your next treasure hunt can have more clearly defined conditions from the start ;)

  • Hallo Schnuffelduffel Hallo Guys

    I gave the ultimately donation as a sign of appreciation to your awesome work.

    Ich habe die Spende letztlich als Zeichen der Anerkennung Deiner aussergewöhnlichen Arbeit getätigt

    I' ll explaine the way of solving the riddle by a little luck and as a holder of PPL license since 25 years and also many VFR flights through Italy, but absolutely no cheating.

    Als Inhaber der PPL Lizenz seit nunmehr 25 Jahren und unzähligen schönen und unvergesslichen Sichtflügen quer über Italien und ein bisschen Glück führten mich zur Lösung des Rätsels.

    And finally i' am not greedy to receive the bet, instead finding the OSTEREI just for fun.

    Letztlich habe ich aus Spass an der Suche am OSTEREI teilgenommen, und nicht aus Habgier.

    Greets from Switzerland

    Grüsse aus der Schweiz

    Happy easter

    Fröhliche Ostern


  • Marco,

    Somehow I can understand your reasoning, on others, absolutely not sorry.

    In life, everyone has to take responsibility for what he says or does and not to do it backwards or find all kinds of excuses!

    As for me, I made a donation to you, and this long before you had finished Italy, and whatever, with the treasure or not.

    I did it in good faith for your work, and I also contributed for others in the community! (I would not name names) Those who recognize this know it. However, I took my responsibilities freely, and I also hope to one day see Italy completely complete, and not only 10 km from the borders. (Switzerland-Austria)

    Without making amalgamations with what is happening at this sad time in the world with covid19, but one thing is certain, the world realizes or it leads us all this current world economy.

    It was just a little wink ;)


    Best wishes 😉


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