Import refractive material in Aerofly? ( Glas - 3ds max )

  • Hi!

    Im trying this yesterday the complete day, to import glas material with a reflection map from 3ds max. But all, what i get is a mirroring and no Glas.

    What i'm doing wrong?

    In 3ds max is all correct and was correct rendered - but not in Aerofly. :/

    3,9 Ghz, RTX 2080 Ti, 32 GB RAM, Oculus Rift CV1, PIMAX 8K X, RotoVR, HOTAS and Flight Rudder Pedals, Win10, 3ds max

  • Hi,

    You don't have to worry much about the materials in Max. Just the _color in the Diffuse slot and you are fine. The converter will find all other textures, if they are named correctly.

    For glass, try this one:

    xyz _color with alpha, save as bmp.

    xyz_reflection. In my experience you need a almost white graystyle (range of 230-240). Save as bmp.