Call out, livery matters and others

  • Good day to all IPACS team :) i've concern about when you going to take off an aircraft there is no system call out like "V1" .. so may i humble request that can you put on your next update, including the voice of i pilot saying "positive rate" and "gear up" while performing manual and Auto-take off ,i've notice that when i perform landing approach, system call out has active.only take off has NOT.Also a 3d human commercial pilot has missing rank(dark and yellow patches) in uniform.must be reworked. And Lastly please have our PHILIPPINE AIRLINES livery,for B777 and A320. So far that's all
    Thankyou so much team,hoping for more region to come on android version. Keepsafe all for the covid-19 pandemic, thank you for all your hardwork in making aerofly fs 2020 more bigger. Godbless you all.;)