Will there ever be a Walkaround mode for players?

  • I’m just wondering if there is going to be a walk mode added so you can a button on the top right corner of the screen and you can open the canopy on the F18 and climb out? Also any plans of adding the F16 Fighting Falcon to this simulator with fully functional cockpit like all the other aircraft?

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    We have also thought about a walkaround and I think this is a really great idea. I'm not sure when this will be added.

    Creating a new aircraft like the F16 is quite a bit of work and personally I have the feeling that we already have quite a selection of fighter jets and that maybe a different aircraft category should get more attention. Military aircraft documentation is also usually not as easy to come by on the internet, which adds another challenge for us.

  • Please dont put to much time in this ... its a flight simulator ...not a "Spaziergang-Sim" :) :)

    When you want to training this ... you also have to training "Hangar-Tetris", how to "fueling" , check the airpressure on the wheels .... making the plane covers after the flight.... on it and so on

    For me its much, much, MUCH more interesting, more /better sounds ( flaps, gear etc)
    and DOF Output for our moving cockpits ... PLEASE

  • ...and multiplayer, and weather, and... well the wish list is long, but I'd put emphasis on aspects that have directly to do with flight simulation rather than ground experience...

    My 2 cents


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  • I agree with higgy that sounds are very important to not this but all simulators out there. But we need a update that is focused on making all sounds better and what i mean by that is MUCH BETTER! Because I don’t feel like I’m flying a Airbus A320 if there is just sounds like those right now that sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Please make something real like battery gyro sounds and other things like simulated cold and dark on all aircraft and after that then make a update for the sound or add new aircraft such as the Boeing 757 it’s not that difficult because you developers could copy some of the systems and the cockpit from Flight Factor? Don’t know but having a 757/767 would be nice! I feel like the aircraft selection is too small in a way because I’m on mobile and not PC so it would also be nice with maybe updated graphics because I cannot read anything on the Airbus A320 and especially the Learjet 45 should definitely be updated in terms of graphics. I really don’t want to press anything because i can’t read it.

  • ... oder es wäre schön, vielleicht einmal das Sunset-Jumping in den Griff zu bekommen...!

    Translation: ... or it would be nice to get a grip on sunset jumping ...!

    Keine Ahnung, ob die richtig ist! ^^

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  • At least with the developer cam (Ctrl+F8 on PC) there is a small workaround for the walkaround.

    Agreed. This is what do while In VR. Dev cam with arrow keys and mouse. Closest thing to simulating a walkaround expierence. Very fun in high detailed airports or sceneries.