• What i have noticed is while performing an auto at 60 -70 knots when i tried to put aft cyclic while flaring the helicopter doesn't ascend there is no noticeable effect on lift at such speed when aft cyclic is applied. :( flaring is not realistic at all . IPAC pls fix this in upcoming update. Also, the hovering auto is also not applicable in sim. The main thing that we heli simmer want is cold and dark startup:P

  • Are you a helicopter pilot ?? and by that I do not mean sims

    In my experience ( and I have done many many hundreds of auto's) flaring is used to slow your speed from 70 knots to an acceptable run on speed. We then perform a "check" manoeuvre with the collective to arrest the descent ( quite a firm check), we then level the helicopter at a few feet above the ground to run on whilst using what rotor speed remains to safely make contact gentle with the ground.

    So its flare, check, level, run on..

    An auto in the hover is simply leave things where they are and then use all the rotor speed to cushion to the contact.

  • Well i recently started my training in real life... just accumulated few hours so far....

    Isn’t flaring suppose to arrest the descend too?? I mean not fully just to some extent And collective to maintain desired rpm and for cushion landing?

    Whenever i try to flare it doesnt have any effect on descend and the afct keeps on falling at high speed and when i give even tiny collective it starts to gain altitude instead of arresting the descend and bang slams to the ground. I am not able to level at all .... my one in the sim goes like flare, keeps falling, gain lots of altitude even with slight collective and slams to the ground instead of flare, check , level and run on 🤔

    I have tried auto on bell407 in xp11 too it works according to the procedure but with r22 in afs2 i am struggling to arrest my descent at the right time. Lets see depends on my level of practice too. I will try again ... and thanks for your guys feedback😗😗 blue skies !!

  • Also, during auto most of the time its bumpy... during the final phase before touchdown with slight collective for cushion landing , the Aircraft gains altitude and i end up having very less rotor rpm which isnot enough for cushion landing leading to bumpy touchdown.

  • It takes a lot of hours learning to hover or auto rotate correctly.

    In my opinion the R22 is one of the most realistic heli's simulating autorotation you can find in all of the sims we can choose from...

    I like flying heli in Xplane 11 too but those are just a bit too easy, less realistic.


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