F-18 TACAN and Air Brake.

  • TACANs like that at Nellis AFB on channel 12 (1036 MHz) do not work on the Aerofly F-18. 17X 1041 MHz TACAN /108.00 MHz VOR-DME is the lowest TACAN with a civilian use paired DME frequency.

    (The 108.20 MHz VOR-DME at Durango near Telluride with a channel 19 pairing works as Ch 19 with the Aerofly F-18).

    The F-18 airbrake operated from a joystick button only, with no slider axis in use, is very slow to extend, it retracts quickly.

  • The F18 currently only has a frequency range between 108 and 117.9 or something. The default range like all other aircraft. I'm not sure if there are radio stations loaded below that frequency.

    Speedbrake is automatically retracting when you extend flaps, which will cause it to extend slowly and retract quickly when flaps are down. If flaps are selected up it should be same speed in both directions.