CH53E, a developers journey

  • Thanks for trying and I am still not bored with the Lynx so its Lynx business as usual for me.

  • Hi Heli fans

    After some co-operation with the guys at IPACS the CH53E is back on track.

    She still causes a lot of headaches, very under-powered, can fly with a reduced weight and has a nasty habit of pitching up when you let go of the stick, no trimming at this point so that may help. She wants to lift off at min collective and the rudders are all over the place. It can be flown but it's a big handful, not for the novice heli pilot. So....

    Whilst having a break from the CH53E I started a AH64A so I now have the dilemma as to where to concentrate my efforts. The Apache in theory should be more straight forward only having 4 blades and a tail that is at 90 degrees. External modelling of the Apache is complete apart from door hinges and wipers though externals still need texturing. No work as yet on either cockpits. TMD file is enough to get it into the sim and no more.

    My thoughts are to push on with the Apache and keep plodding a way at the Stallion when the mood takes me as I think that will be a very long project even without the Apache getting in the way. A lot of trial and error with slow progress.

    The woes of being a developer, recon I should have taken up the piano, much easier :/



    happyness mode = on again :)

  • At the moment I plan to split my time as just modelling or just TMD gets quite tiresome and tedious. The fun just dies away. As they say, a break is as good as a rest

    So it's Modelling and textures on the AH64 and TMD on the CH53. When I get to a point where either overtakes the other I will then concentrate on the one that is further forward. Either way it means we have 2 heli's to look forward to.

  • Please do where ever the mood brings you, I will be very happy with a third heli for our sim and will take whatever we get first!!! ;)

    Good to hear you are some what back on track with the beast!


    Peter Splinter

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  • Well, about time I did an update so here we go.

    CH53E still causing big problems, not enough power from the engines and rotors speed is up and down faster than a ****** knickers.. This means it swings badly on takeoff then corrects then swings again. It was starting to take up too much time with little progress so, CH53 will be firmly on the back burner till the AH64 is finished. Talking of which.

    Progress is coming along, modelled the cockpit interior's, minus controls, seats and glare shields. There are a lot of buttons, switches and instruments so it's taken some time. Working on the TMD file at the moment so joy of joys there. At least I can sit in it in the sim and have a good look around. VR is great for this as it's much easier to spot the things that need adjusting. Once the engines are running plus the big whirly bits I will upload a WIP at the usual site. Texturing tends to be pushed back towards the end as it's sometimes pointless until all the modelling is complete as it can make a mess of the UV mapping.

    So all in all we're moving onwards and upwards.


  • Hi Ray

    You could always use the passenger version, not very comfy...think a certain Irish airline may have first shout

    I suppose that would work in a pinch. Yeah, I'll try it out.

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  • Hi Steve,

    Great piece of work so far!

    It flies well (and weird without sound), more agile then your Lynx as I would expect with an Apache.

    With engine and rotor sounds I would not stop flying it I guess... :)

    Moves on the ground a bit after landing for now but hovering, taking off and landing feels good to me.


    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,5 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Lenovo Explorer VR, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Whilst a Lynx may look like a bus or one of Ray's Hawaiian taxis I can assure you it flies like a sports car on steroids and would probably leave an Apache in the shade.

    I'm afraid sound is pretty much done at the very end as it depends on a few other things but will try to include in the next update. We now have parking brakes so that should help on the ground but the Apache does require lots of fine tuning so you'll have to bear with me on this one. Nice to see the auto stab control was working, yes it moves with speed.


  • The Lynx has more speed, this one feels like it's more direct and maneuverable to me? Well, it flies pretty fine. :)

    Thanks for this 'teaser', I can wait for more quality after your Lynx. Take your time....


    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,5 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Lenovo Explorer VR, 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

  • Hi Peter

    Thanks for the feed back much appreciated

    The Lynx and Apache share the same engine and rotor coding so they should be similar. I have increased the rotor speed to compensate for the Apache being heavier so perhaps this is causing it to be more direct. The Apache still has more weight to gain so we will see what happens at the end.