Almost there

  • I know we've probably covered this multiple times across multiple threads, but I just wanted to get my thoughts down.

    For me, AF2 is SO close to being a perfect VR flight simulator. It's main advantage over every other flight sim I've tried is it's fluidity. The smoothness we get in VR far surpasses everything else I've tried. And this alone, for me, makes it almost the most enjoyable experience.

    I think the one thing I miss is the perception of any sort of life within the sim. I know the good folks here and elsewhere have added some wonderful little enhancements to help bring areas such as Florida to life with animated traffic etc. I love this stuff and it helps immensely with the immersion. However, that is all pretty localised. Which is fun when you're in the animation area, but then we revert to static outside of those areas.

    I think (and this is maybe on the cards anyway), if the sim could be enhanced with these little hints of life (e.g. ground traffic, air traffic, animated water etc), it would be near perfect for me. I'm almost exclusively VFR when in VR so I appreciate others may prefer better navigation etc (I would love a VR map, for sure).

    I obviously keep an eye on the competion and especially with the current frequent updates to XP11, it always raises a smile when I go there and see the cars driving around, the airport vehicles etc. It's nowhere near as fluid as AF2, even with Vulkan, which keeps driving me back to AF2, but I sure do miss those little bits of life when I do.

    What do others think? What's the "one thing" that woud make AF2 perfect for you?