Kann man France VFR - Paris-Ile-de-France unter Vulkan Spielen??

  • It is great that Aerofly FS2 runs so well on our lower end computers, even in VR, though dense scenery like flying over Amsterdam or Paris exceeds the amount of VRAM on our cards. But I enjoy those other places, so much to choose from..

    I can recommend Innsbruck and South Florida, both have an animation add on for free now too. Innsbruck is probably still on sale from Orbx directly...Great scenery with a smooth frame rate in VR for me in medium settings.

    I will spend 250 in the future for a better graphics card (and more system RAM) but will probably go for VKB rudder pedals first to enjoy the R22 even more....

    Have fun!


    Peter Splinter

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  • I am just disappointed about Paris DLC, because I thought that I would get the same performances when I bought it.

    But I should have paid attention to the minimal requirements on the Steam store page ...

    I tried your settings advice (medium shadow and disabling lights), but I still get a crash with Vulkan.

    I will also try different settings with OpenGL to get the best fps.

    Yes, I can understand your disappointment, but there's no miracle : the Paris scenery is by far the densest scenery over such a range and despite using a highly optimized set of textures, there's no way to load those millions of objects into the graphical engine without sufficient VRAM.

    The settings I proposed are only working on systems with enough VRAM, but in your case you probably get a VRAM shortage that collapses the sim in OpenGL and crashes to desk with Vulkan...

    Of course there's a 14-day refund policy on Steam in case you're unhappy with this outcome.



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