iOS Screen Edges System Interactions

  • Dear Devs,

    I did a post like this before, but I was confused for sure and it wasn’t in the good place.


    In Aerofly FS 2020/2019 when you use the rudder especially you can by error interact with System bottom of screen swipe gestures. It is worse on Face ID devices because swiping at the bottom of screen shifts between applications. This action jams Aerofly a bit of time, it often happens at landing and taxiing. In this case the rudder does not respond, can be jammed, the reverse does not respond, brakes can be jammed (because iOS is trying to change the current application).

    My humble searches

    Many games and full screen applications enable a full screen mode, something like Screen Edge Deferring Gesture in iOS:…edscreenedgesdeferringsys

    This mode, if it is what I found, differ swipe gestures like Control Center, Notifications Center and the most important Applications Swiping.

    Today, it’s cool because when I swipe up, Aerofly gets immediately out of my sight, but if I use the rudder at the edge of screen by error, Aerofly is jammed by iOS a short time.

    You can also put the rudder and brakes upper. This is what I initially thought but deferring screen edges gestures is almost use by all games.

    Take care, and thank you for reading.


    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on iPad A320

    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM

  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) & IPACS,

    Thank you <3 for the preferredScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures property you have brought with 20.20.19+ update.

    However (yes, a caprice again ;)), I would appreciate a bit more less sensitive to my taste (I mean more priorities to Aerofly over iOS).

    Best regards. :love:

    I fly, therefore I am

    Aeroflyer on iPad A320

    iPad Pro M1 / 11-inch / 8 Gb RAM