converting the spitfire to a slope glider?

  • To fully convert the aircraft you will probably have to edit the spitfire .tmd file. Use the aircraft editor of the RC 7 to create a new modification of the spitfire. Then locate your user folder, which should be somewhere in the user documents. But I'm not sure where that is located for Mac but for Aerofly FS 2 it's "Macintosh HD⁩/Users⁩/…/Library⁩/Containers⁩/com.aerofly.aerofly-fs-2-mac/⁨Data⁩/⁨Library/Application Support⁩/Aerofly FS 2"... it could be a similar path for Aerofly RC 7.

    In that user folder you will find all your modifications. Find the spitfire folder and open the spitfire__000.tmd or which ever file has the highest number and is the one that was just created with the editor.

    Now you will need a text editor to change this file.

    You will need to delete the blocks for the collisionblade, aeropropeller, driveshaft, enginebasic,

    the ServoThrottle and ThrottleInput and the smoke objects, the smokegraphics, the propellergraphics and the soundengine.

    In the telemetry at the beginning of the file you also have to remove the reference to the DriveShaft.GetRotationSpeed. And in the aerowings you need to remove the Propeller and the PropellerWash stuff.

    Now I think it's quicker if I just show you the result. But this mod I attached works in Aerofly RC 8 and is untested for RC 7. You will need to create your own spitfire__000.tmc file by creating a modification with the RC 7 model editor in the sim and then go to the user folder as described earlier and replace the spitfire__000.tmd with this downloaded file.

  • Hi Jan.

    Thank you so much for the reply.

    I can say you file works well on RC7 - Awesome!

    My first mistake was to try and edit the aircraft file located in the RC7 package rather than the user mods file as you pointed me to - I used your file and here it is at TOREY PINES - I will do a file compare to fully realise your edits in the code so I can try some edits of my own!


  • Hi Phil,

    not only that.

    For hand launching you have to add something to the tmd file:




    <[vector3_float64][X0][1 0 0]>

    <[vector3_float64][Y0][0 1 0]>

    <[vector3_float64][Z0][0 0 1]>

                <[vector3_float64][R0][-0.1 0 -0.15]>


    With the values of [R0] you can change the position of the model in the hand of the launcher.