Airbus 321 neo update

  • Dear developers, please could raise the idea of creating an airbus a321 neo ... I think that already with the model of the airbus 320 that they have .. They could take it as a base and be able to give us that wonderful plane .. The changes are minimal compared to the 320 .. Mobile users would love aerofly2020 even more if they give us a beautiful airbus 321 neo ... Please add more planes and it does not matter if we have to pay for each plane ... In the Facebook group hundreds of users already accept paying for planes for separately ... At the cost that you offer .. Sell regions ... You need capital, money to improve and to pay your salary ... Overrated games like rfs or infinite flight charge a huge monthly fee and thousands of users pay every month. .. And that is just arcade games without any realism about aviation ... You have a wonderful simulator .. Make the most of it, you deserve it .. They offer us a great product ... Charge the planes that are added going .. Also. The regions ... I am sure that thousands of users will pay without any problem .. Because if the product is worth every penny .. Greetings and blessings

  • Acredito que seria mais fácil eles criarem um A320NEO primeiramente, pois se tornaria mais fácil para eles mais é uma boa idéia. Acredito que seria mais viável eles comprarem um A321 para depois eles adicionarem os motores e "sharklets". Que não deve ser fácil por conta da textura mais é necessário futuramente os aviões antigos estão precisando de novidades. Acredito que eles estão trabalhando em adicionar as sharklets e outras pinturas para A320.:):|