• Hello IPACS I have a question when I am in landing procedure and I activate CAT 1 (on the control panel) the landing speed previously selected by me during the flight changes and I can't get back to it on the plane's speed panel and it interferes a little bit especially when I land with Flaps 3, with strong wind against the bow and when I land on a short runway. Would there be a way to select the speed in the FMGS? or it would have some function to change it. Thank you this post refers to A320 Aircraft

  • The approach category cannot be selected, it is purely a result of the selected approach type, the airport infrastructure (e.g. ILS at the runway you want to land at) and internal system integrity checks such as availability of ILS receiver, etc. This category can increase up to CAT3 DUAL when both autopilots are engaged. But you don't select this manually and it also doesn't affect much. It certainly doesn't affect the selected speed.

    When you push the approach button on the flight control unit (FCU) you arm the selected approach. This could be the ILS localizer and glide slope or a managed approach like a GPS approach. But this button should not directly affect the speed either. You have to push the speed knob in to tell the autopilot to use the automatic speed or pull it out in order to select a speed manually.

    When landing with flaps 3 you have to select this in the MCDU as well as in the overhead on the GPWS panel. You can manipulate the approach speed on the approach performance page, yes. The field is called VAPP if I remember correctly from the top of my head.

    Make sure to check out our official wiki for the Aerofly FS A320 flight tutorial.

  • Okay, I understood yesterday I managed to select the speed on the control created by you by pressing on the little plane above but when I landing, I noticed a problem with the automatic control of the throttle because because it is not the correct way. I already took a look at the A320 Wiki and now I am able to change the VAPP without problems, the plane only accepts flap 3 if it is selected in the MCDU and GPWS otherwise it screams or does not accept when landing in the automatic Identent with reality. Thank you.:)

  • That would be the copilot interface and the button that you circled in red is the "increase speed" command. The copilot then either manually takes the throttles and flies that speed or it uses the autothrottle selected speed for this.

    The copilot does some internal calculations for the minimum and maximum speed it "wants to fly", so if you keep pressing the button or hold it down it will stop at some point depending on flaps, etc.