Beechcraft Duchess 76

  • Hello I'm just beginning in fly simulation, trying AFS2 since 3 months and I have a problem with the autopilot of the Beechcraft Duchess 76 , I can't make it work...other I use short cut "A" or directly with the mouth on the control pannel, the button AP mooves, it goes down but nothing happens, no lights indicating that it is there a solution or it's just a bug?

    It's to bad because I like to fly around and look at the landscape bellow and it's much more easier (remember I'm a newbie) with the AP working...

    Thanks for any help I have the Windows DVD Version

  • @emfrat thanks for your answer, it works :thumbup:!!! fact I had never noticed the AP power button behind the yoke?(...

    As you seem to know well this plane, can you tell me how to control the Vertical Speed when AP is active? I use to have a VS button on the AP pannel ( with Cessna 172 or Baron 58 wich are the planes I'm most used to) and I can't find in the Duchess 76, but I noticed that there is a "Pitch" button with Up and Down mode ,is this the right way to control the VS?

  • With older style APs, you generally have to hand-fly the aircraft to the attitude you want and then select ATT. The AP will then hold that attitude for you, provided your power and propellor RPM will allow that.. So, get it settled into a climb at, say, 300fpm, select ATT then use the Pitch up/down button to vary the VS.

    If you look in Aerofly FS2>aircraft>Duchess76>Manual you will find nearly everything you need to know.:thumbup::)