Asian region

  • Good day team Ipacs, quick question.. is there a chance to have selected ASIAN region in Aerofly fs 2020, like Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Philippines? there are so many beautiful scenery that we will fly thru.. aside from USA MAP and European region hoping that you will consider them on your list in the Future :) thank you so much

  • I think the iPacs to do and wish list is quite long already. But it is very easy to get all this done:

    • add the whole world with all airports
    • add all aircrafts that are, were, and will be
    • buy Apple and Google to have full control over operating systems and devices and get rid of stupid technical limitations that no one needs.

    Only one question remaining: any chance this can be done until christmas this year? Would make us all survive in Corona!