cold and dark; wich Aircraft?

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    I'm pretty sure this was answered in the past but it may also have changed since then.

    Aircraft that reach cold and dark state with electrics and engines fully shut down:

    Q400 - yes

    C172 - yes

    B58 - yes

    C90 - yes

    R22 - yes

    Bücker Jungmeister - yes

    A320 - almost. Engines can't be shut down yet in the release verison
    LJ45 - almost, engines and hydraulics to go, similar to the A320.

    The A320 and LJ45 already have a full electric system that can be shut down. So the cockpit does turn dark when you kill the generators and batteries.

  • From the AFS2 community, Sylvain Delepierre gave us a Cessna 152 in two versions, normal AFS2 and Cold and Dark. It is a bit over-powered but very nice to fly if you keep the throttle setting below 50%. The payware Beech Duchess76 from Just Flight is C&D if you place it on a parking spot (white icon) and AFS2 normal if you place it on a Starting Point (green icon). The Duchess is my favourite runabout.



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    Pretty much all Just Flight aircraft for Aerofly are capable of reaching cold and dark as far as I'm aware.

    The Piper Arrows stick to the rules of our default aircraft in that the default configuration is "on". This means you can switch between the Arrow and our default aircraft in flight without loosing the engine and you can crash and immediately take off again where as the other JF aircraft don't allow this. They used the hack of creating a cold and dark tmd and then just turn systems on as you select the mid air start or approach or takeoff positions. Of course this enables them of start the aircraft cold and dark on the parking spot but if you restart the sim it could also be loaded mid air. And this could break other features, especially once we do add a cold and dark option from the menu or then we rely on the default aircraft configuration to be "on".

  • I suggest that IPACS will mark these planes accordingly in the selection Aircrafts in the next release.

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  • Of course this enables them of start the aircraft cold and dark on the parking spot but if you restart the sim it could also be loaded mid air.

    I modified the config of my Just Flight Arrow III to be C&D. Then I changed the graphics quality setting during flight and ended up in a cold and dark aircraft 4000' AGL. Interesting, to say the least! At least it glides in this configuration. I'm looking forward to the release of the official C&D capability.

    Speaking of which, it would be nice if changing graphics quality did not reset the aircraft. Not for the C&D case (my fault for messing with the config), but there are times when I'm flying in Ultra quality and want to change to High or Medium quality to maintain the frame rate as I approach a built-up area, but that resets everything (trim, engine, autopilot, navigation, fuel, etc).

    These are minor issues. Overall, congrats on an excellent sim, and especially the excellent graphics performance with low-end cards.