First impressions

  • Having just conducted a short flight around my home town airport Leeds Bradford EGNM in vr, with the North England Scenery and airport addons from, I must say how impressed I am with Aerofly fs2. I like the Cessna for just general flying but in VR it is a whole new experience, and so smooth. It's weird coming back into the real. I am fairly new to VR and to Aerofly FS2 so I thought I'd make my comment. I came to this flight sim because I was having trouble using Occulus Rift with Xplane 11 (an update is causing problems with Open GL and for some reason I cannot use Vulkan in Xplane, yet I can use it with aerofly!!!?? Anyway, so glad I did. You've converted me, especially for VR.

  • Welcome! Yep, the new Oculus driver messed things up for XP for Rift S users, like myself! I'm not bothering with all the suggested remedies - I don't want to screw up my VR for any other software and it seems up to Laminar to sort it.

    Made me revisit AF2 and reminded me how awesome it is :)

    I love the extra goodies you get with other sims, but the smoothness in VR of AF2 just has to be experienced and (almost) makes up for the lacking in other areas. Hopefully at least some of that will get addressed at some point.

    In the meantime, enjoy!

    I never tire of taking off from the top of a skyscraper in VR in the R22 and plunging off the side. Stomach goes, head starts thinking WTF and all the time a huge grin on my face :D