Sylt Island Photo Scenery

  • Hi all.

    My own EDXW Airport is not compatibel to this Photo Scenery!

    The Photo Scenery from me is repainted at Airportground, to see, when Taxi at Day or Night, the Lines.

    The Rest from the Island and coast is the same as Google, Arcgis or Bing with corrected colors.

    Mixing the Scenery is bad...and the coast from island is missmatched...

    see this:

    Regards Uli

  • In all honesty Michael, I much prefer that of Uli, as he says himself, it is a scene reworked manually by these care. And it is very successful!

    Hopefully he can continue working ortho for the rest of this beautiful island!;)



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  • Hi both...and all.

    yes, we must understand that we dont mixed the ground levels for a Area...not all, but specialy Scenerys.

    Edxw was from me special, but EDKA or ETNG can use with all other.

    This Ports are can download from fs cloudport or Flight-sim as the same.

    But EDXW only from Flight-Sim as specialy.

    The next work is the complete 7 Island Row "Ostfriesische Inseln" that Projekt are to in future Specialy, from me!

    For the Photo or Realistic Coastland is the work manualy very hard and any Image must repainted with Alpha Bleed and more, also Sylt Island. The correct coast Lines and "Wattenmeer" comes later...

    Best wishes to all, and any Work is a great Work, from all !!!!

    Regards Uli

  • yes...there we see the taxiline and signs.

    That is what i mean, when we repainted the Ground Images then we can forget the same "Beton Runways" from the Aero-Sim, this Runway is good for first Runway we set at any Airport, but for detail must repaint.

    But thats my fact for more Reality at Sim....;)