constructed animated Windmill

  • Hi.

    to the Special 3D Object Builder...

    I have made animated Windmill at 3DS Max and export to tgi and tma file.

    When i converted with content converter i have the textures and the tmb file.

    But at this section, is the tsc file in scenery folder an another as rest Traffic files from me...or other Traffic files?

    The windmill himself dont run over ground, only the wind foils are circle at vertical path in 3ds max..must i write the tsc in scenery folder or/ and content converter with other codes?:?:

    I wonder that i dont see the windmill at my coordinates at Amrum...:/

    thx uli

  • Hi,

    one Night sleep...and all is good !:)

    The result is a Windmil with Rotation Foilblades...

    Perfect for me at Amrum...

    At this time i can go and constructed any rotation Blades at 3D Object.

    Thx to all User...specialy to Brunnobellic...he has give me the brain!;)