The art of cultivation

  • Something special: Would you find it very laborious to cultivate the "city of Santiago" within a square of approximately 7 km on each side = (7 x 7 km), and then superimpose it on the current cutivation? (Could it even be a square on the side <7 km as long as it covers the entire city.)

    What I ask here, Marcos, is if you could do it with a minimum of effort and time spent in those processes; otherwise, leave it as it is. I think you have sacrificed enough for the cultivatiom of this area of the N.W. of Sapin, and I do not wish to subject you to another long sacrifice. I tell you this, with great frankness and sincerity: if it is complex and laborious, leave it as it is.

    I 'm workin on other Areas. Current Austria / Swiss / Insbruck - later Spain.

  • Hello IZOJUB (Michael)

    I have installed your cultivation of the Balearic Islands, and I am especially interested in the IBIZa island together with the Burnnobellic airport.

    The image shows the cultivation of the buildings, but have you not cultivated the soil? If yes, where to find it?

    Previously I isolated the mesh: "ES-Baleares20" from TomSimMuc in:

    Dcuments \ Aerofly fs2 \ Scenery \ elevation \ Es-Baleares20

    With this installation of the TomSimMuc mesh in the indicated folder, the computer crashes while loading the "location". It occurred to me to copy the mesh in the same folder of your Cultivation and it works, but with the resolution that you can see in the image.

    Thank you for your work.

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • Hello Delfin,

    I only made the cultivation, ie buildings and trees.

    The photo scenery was made by Schnuffelduffel and the download link is here:…nds-remastered/

    Hope this is of some help?

    Kindest regards, Michael.

    Hola delfin

    Solo hice el cultivo, es decir, edificios y árboles.

    El escenario fotográfico fue hecho por Schnuffelduffel el enlace de descarga está aquí:…earic-islands-remastered/

    Espero que esto sea de alguna ayuda?

    Un cordial saludo, Michael.

    Best wishes, Michael :)

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  • Good morning, Michael

    It is the first time that a member of this Forum not only solves my difficulty, but also does so in bilingual: English and my own language (Spanis). Yes Michael, you are the first with me, to take this initiative. This especially shows your correctness in human treatment, and your sensitivity.

    For all this, thank you, thank you, doubly thank you. This is the best community I have ever known. As it is said in my language: "sois formidables"= "you are formidable!". Formidable and decisive.

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • I have made for me a perfect mix from cultivation ( for the Balearic Islands ) from Iz0Jub and Brunnobellic ( especially Mallorca ). If it's your wish, i can share it. :)

    Hice una mezcla perfecta de cultivo de Iz0Jub y Brunnobellic (especialmente Mallorca). Si es tu deseo, puedo compartirlo.

  • Hola Schnuffelduffel (Marcos) and other colleagues

    As I have already expressed, I love your cultivation of the N.W. of Sapin. I would only need a little more than ... what I was going to ask you, it will no longer be necessary due to the immediate presence of the simulation giant:

    I positively value that cultivation process, which you did, because now I fly wherever I fly, I see: highways, roads, bridges, large and small towns, with their correctly situated entrances and exits; I see rivers, mountains etc. and all these elements, placed exactly where they need to be, and with total realism. This vision produces great satisfaction in visual flight (knowing exactly where you are), especially to those of us who have extensive experience in "real flight", and know in detail the mountains, hills, valleys, rivers over which we fly, etc. Yes, friend user of this Forum, yes "dear artist from Dresden", you have made me enjoy this flight activity more on the PC. However, and to be honest, that resolution is still very deficient, and it will be much more so when it is launched on the market, which many hope, and a few others, wish it to be as late as possible.

    In any case, the emotion of this "completely static flight" has nothing to do with the real one. The real flight is fantastic and very exciting: the ascents and descents feeling the violent pressure against the seat, the strong lateral wind that tilts the plane violently, or, ... (we like acrobatics): the loopings , barrels, augers, that when you get down, you almost get dizzy, sweating, with a dry mouth, your adrenaline comes out of all your pores and with your heart at 110 beats per minute. etc. Those sensations are unique, amazing; they are not felt in any other human activity, and that in the PCs, they simply do not exist. This strong emotion is what I remember the most because it is the most exciting aspect of the flight. However, over time, with the accumulation of hours flown, it becomes more monotonous every day, but ... that's life, and ... these PCs represent a very elementary flight substitute

    A very good resolution of the scenery we are flying over gives us the visual enjoyment of flying over a real scene, which we may or may not know; That is the least of it, and the vast majority of the time, we have never seen these scenarios in the real world, but we are visually satisfied with those architectural wonders, but it is the only visual perception we have, when in real flight, we more exciting are the ascending, descending movements, centrifugal forces ... those forces that are exerted against our body, is what is exciting for those of us who like this sport.


    I believe that only in special areas of the planet (very well chosen) we can do some cultivation but doing a lot of work to make the most of the primitive tools available here, in this Forum, those who have given hundreds or thousands of hours building very low quality scenarios, basically because of the tool used for that purpose. If you do not create scenarios with these characteristics, all your creative work, no one will enjoy it simply because it is not attractive enough, compared to many others that are.

    I think we can only compete basically in two disciplines: building flying machines and ... airports?

    Anyway, dear colleagues, I do not intend to discourage you, I am simply describing a situation that will inevitably occur immediately. I love this Sim. but I am not blind to what is coming and I am simply exposing something that I am sure, that, especially the set makers have also thought about, and I deeply feel that a large part of their set creations will be forgotten.

    Scenario creators! ... inevitably you are going to have to change jobs, and that ... is very hard, but that's life. Be that as it may, you will always have my deep appreciation for your creative effort.

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • Good afternoon Jeff

    On Sunday the 16th, I saw with disgust that on Saturday at 11:16, you had closed this post. That, as I said, displeased me. In my opinion, there was no reason to close it.

    Today, I was doubly surprised, because I have seen that you have removed the closure, consequently, new opinions can be contributed to the post.

    I would appreciate if you would inform me:

    1º) Why have you closed it?, And

    2nd) Why have you opened it now?

    Kind regards: Delfin

  • I did not close your post, I did however edit it to remove the comparisons between us and other flight simulators. This we do not condone on our forums.

    IPACS Development Team Member

    I'm just a cook, I don't own the restaurant.
    On behalf of Torsten, Marc, and the rest of the IPACS team, we would all like to thank you for your continued support.



  • Hola Jeff

    Thank you for having answered me, and also for having reconsidered your decision to reopen this post. You know that I do not like the confrontation, nor the contriversity, but there are concepts that must be clarified in this Forum and in any other, for the benefit of the Forum and the Sim.

    Kind ragards: Delfin