What's coming in next update??

  • Hello IPACS

    Well created this thread out of curiosity as it's been a long time that you pushed out the last update. But till now you haven't shared with us what's coming next or a small hint about future. Really getting nostalgic about next update..

    Also any update about the long awaited ATC Project??

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  • On the blog, I spotted at an article about “who loves F16” but the article was deleted a few hour ago.
    I hope the A320 will be able to respect F-PLN constraints. More hissing sound of the engines. And minimums and retard callouts. And a way to delete the 10 Nm waypoint facing the runway!!
    That’s my dream.
    And a new in app purchase of the PNW region.
    And Japan at any price (Lake, volcano, mountain, seas, airports on water. A pure orgasm for sure).

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  • Good evening, I hope to add ground texture in the global default scenario. It makes no sense to have the whole globe and a part of the United States and Switzerland in photoreal, the rest of the globe in blurred textures. I would rather do default textures at least to cover the whole globe.

  • Sir Jet-Pack any hint of what's coming next for PC.. I know that you are a small team with very talented and dedicated people working with you. I really salute you for that for bringing such an amazing growing simulator platform.

    But it's a kind request as it's almost 6 months the last update was pushed out. I know that you people are working for something great. But any hint that with will you be focusing at..

    Please don't mind Sir Jet-Pack. I asked out of curiosity.

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  • We don't want to announce anything too early which is why we're not publishing news as frequently at the moment. We're working on big features and these take quite a long time to finish, even if the team was bigger. As usual we put the quality first and won't publish an unfinished and buggy intermediate state. We want to at least have a stable and useful version of our features before they are released.

    In the mean time we've been also working on some aircraft features. We finally have some good audio call-out sound recordings which we can use for example. I'm hoping we can wrap that up soon so that we can bring you realistic call-out voices soon. We also may have a semi-big update ready soon-ish. But please be patient, we will need to do a lot of testing to verify nothing else breaks.

  • Thanks a lot Mr Jet-Pack. I wish the whole team Best of luck to bring out the best features for everyone. No matter what the time takes for the update to be out but I will be happy waiting for it because I have the trust that what you will bring in the next update will be awesome...

    Also for your attention please be sure to bring Vulkan Compatibility for Mx110. I am really eager to play Aerofly FS2 in Vulkan. Hope you will keep my request...

    Thanks again for setting down my curiosity. In my view the best flight simulator.

    Love you IPACS..<3<3<3

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  • Telluride localiser is on 073 degrees instead of 093. Just a reminder.

    Will the PAPIs be made real world size some time? They are usually accurately depicted in the scenery but the separate working sim feature’s version is about 40% of the true width.

    A dark surround to each light would help with visibility. Our eyes and brain do that to increase local contrast.

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  • Community Log Star Date 2020 - Part 2 might be around the corner, part 1 was posted almost five weeks ago in the blog section of this forum.

    I don't mind waiting for an update somewhere this summer but I am getting curious for the first hints on what we can expect in the coming update.... ;)


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  • Não sei quem se importaria em pagar tanto dinheiro por um X-Plane ou um voo infinito. Talvez o X-Plane, mas o vôo infinito seja uma merda. Sem gráficos, sem cockpits de trabalho, sem interativo. Idc, se a Aerofly não tiver global, pagarei 8 dólares por dia pelos incríveis recursos do cockpit

    Concordo totalmente que não consegue entender algumas pessoas que preferem ou Infitine, eua aerofly aeronave da Aerosoft, na minha opinião, são os melhores aerofly tem edifícios que parecem cidades, nuvens monitoradas etc. ... E computadores no cockpit que são estatísticos aos reais MARAVILHOSO ;)

    Aerofly ainda invejar muito