Aerofly, you rock !

  • Hi Aeroflyer,

    Aerofly rocks, totally.

    Well I watched this 360° cockpit view video about A320:

    And I spotted at the SPD display in the FCU. After takeoff it displays - - -, as usual, and suddenly it displays 185 kts. WHAT? :/

    So I asked my step-brother loving personal pilot support how to do it?

    He told me, well it is at Geneva, so the pilot wanted to climb as fast as possible, so he set 185 in MCDU > PERF page > CLB phase > PRESEL = 185.

    Guess what, it woks in Aerofly. Aren't they completely the best of the best? :love:

    He also told me that at 185 kts I have to keep CONF+1 while I'm in the initial departure curve (security). Then flaps up. And then push the SPD button to use managed speed.

    Just a little sharing...

    Take care.

  • Jup. Speed preselection is awesome :)

  • Bro .. Could you upload a video of aerofly showing what I blamed you .. Please .. I want to know what it is .. I know aerofly is fantastic could you upload a video bro

    I'll make a video later.

    The aim is to have SPD set just after the takeoff phase (even if you keep TOGA/FLEX takeoff power ;)).

    You also have to know that the Airbus will adjust its speed by adjusting the slope.

    So setting 185 kts just after takeoff will make the airbus climb faster.

    To adjust the speed just after takeoff, go to the MCDU, button PERF, phase CLB. Enter 185 in PRESEL.

    You can also enter the O speed (194 kts MCDU/PERF/TAKEOFF/O) (they did that at LAX if you takeoff toward east and turn to west for departure).

    If 185 kts, keeps CONF 1+F while the initial turn (security, because very near to -S speed).

    And the fun is to keep FLEX or TOGA power longer if you like to hear the power sound of the Airbus at takeoff. Just for fun. At that power the plane will climb quite hardly to maintain 185 kts.

    To terminate the "185 kts phase", push the SPD button to set managed SPD (250 kts under 10000 ft / 300 kts above).

    Next : ther's a PRESEL field in the CRZ page. Not often used but in the sim you can set 320 kts to go faster at cruise than it is serious!

  • Thanks brother please upload the video, demo to understand well .. It is to climb airports surrounded by mountains .. Does the plane go faster?

  • Eduardo Navarro just a quick video for you:

    It may be possible YouTube didn’t yet make the HD version.

    Congratulations bro .. Excellent video .. You are very professional ... Bro then to configure 185 kt in climb .. That is going to serve us bro? What do pilots use that for? Could you explain to me ... You are very good at what you do .. What an envy bro .. I have an android phone and we still don't have the region of Switzerland ... By the way what phone do you use? The cockpit of the airbus 320 reads perfectly .. On my phone this is blurred bro

  • Thanks. It’s an iPad Pro.
    The plane is limited at 185 kts (instead of 250 kts) after takeoff. To maintain the speed it will increase the slope climb. Perfect to get away from mountains area.
    Especially if you keep the takeoff thrust longer.

    It is the inverse from a car where you adjust power when climbing. The plane adjusts climb with fixed power.