New Update

  • Talking about update, my hopes:


    • Callouts: 100 above, minimum, retard retard. Also V1 and 5
    • MCDU: respect of the custom altitude constraints in F-PLN
    • Engines sound: a bit more hissing would the absolute perfection
    • Mach speed in the PFD under the IAS speed indicator should appear at M0.50 and disappear at M0.45
    • Cabin press: set to AUTO by default
    • QNH should be in inHg in the USA, like it is automatically done for altitude transition in function of the region
    • Cold and dark, but the flight plan is still preset in


    • Flight plan: the possibility to get rid off of the imposed 10 Nm waypoint facing the runway
    • The sound level of the application is actually low
    • Flight plan route curves a bit less curved

    User interface

    • Option to not display the “expedite the plane higher” button
    • Option to not display the copilot button
    • Calibrate device automatically when autopilot is set off. Or the double tap on screen could also calibrate the device plus centering the view
    • Using the rudder slider may trigger multitasks on iPad and on Face ID iPhone by error, causing the lost of the controls. Because rudder slider is settled in the bottom bar area that controls multitasking. The controls can be set upper or the preferredScreenEdgesDeferringSystemGestures API property can be enabled
    • “Night vision on/off” button to compensate the missing illumination of the runway and the taxiway


    • Landing lights should illuminate the exterior
    • Generic ATC background sound in the cockpit
    • “Bling blang bling” sound inside the cockpit when rolling fast on the runway
    • “Blong” sound when the gear touches the runway
    • Buzzing cockpit view when rolling

    Thousand thanks for what’s coming next...

  • Thank you for the suggestions. I hope we can add at least see of these in the near future :)