Are you a Ctrl/Ezy flight sim pilot?

  • A growing number of flight sim pilots tend too prefer flying using the external view and spending little time in the cockpit, Usually a quick look inside to change a few light switches for me then back to my following view. The most common term that I was hearing was that we were "cockpit builders". I just read a short, but concise, paragraph written by a flight sim developer. He uses the term Ctrl/Ezy like it the the accepted standard. Heck, it may be, I am kinda isolated and just fly for fun and help make freeware scenery.

    Here is what he has to say About Ctrl/Ezy

    Ctrl/Ezy has been designed to suit a particular type of sim flyer. There is a vast amount of people who fly mostly in exterior view, taking screenshots of the model and all that expensive scenery they have bought. All these people want and need is a basic panel with the basic information on, a set of switches to turn on and off all the basic systems and start the engine. Also, they rely heavily on keyboard input so that they can stay in the exterior view. Ctrl/Ezy is NOT for those that like systems, following the flight procedures exactly, spending a lot of time in the cockpit when flying. We have the regular AH line for that.

    We understand it is a bit confusing but as more Ctrl/Ezy products are released, we hope that people will begin to understand the concept and just decide whether it is for them or not. We ALWAYS ensure that people know EXACTLY what they are buying before pushing the button so PLEASE READ the descriptions on Ctrl/Ezy products before hitting the buy now button. That way there will be no surprises. By the way, the other major benefit of Ctrl/Ezy is that you get the same standard of modeling and PBR texturing you get in our standard line, at a much lower cost. That can't be bad can it?

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  • Control-Easy is a brand of Aeroplane Heaven that, as you describe, provides aircraft with very basic cockpits and minimal systems that are controlled by control-key combinations. Their first (and to date only) aircraft is the Pucara for FSX and P3D. While I am happy that there are different approaches to aircraft models to suit the requirements of different users, I personally will always want detailed cockpits and systems since much of my enjoyment comes from mastering these.