• Hello, I just wanted to ask, when you assign a reverse axis, when you increase thrust there is some kind of conflict between these axes and the thrust suddenly jumps to idle. This issue have always being present since years that I ve used AF2. So, besides to ask if there is possible to fix this, it would be much better to add a button assignment that toggle between normal thrust and reverse thrust so that you use the same axis for normal thrust and reverse thrust, is possible to do that in a future update? Furthermore, I have a TQ3 throttle quadrant, so if there is any chance to some how divide the area from normal thrust and the reverse thrust would be perfect!8o

    Thank you for your help



  • I always do that. Flare the airplane, set thrust lever to idle , then press an assigned button on my joystick to set reverse thrust, the problem is that this put the reverse in MAX REV, that´s why I tried to assign an axis in order to put idle reverse.

    Could in a future update give a solution to this?

    Thanks Jan


  • OK - I'll bite on this. There's in fact very little reason to have the option to "modulate" reverse thrust.

    In real life it's an "all or nothing" for 95 % of flight operations. Only on very rare occasions (extremely low landing weights and VERY long runways or occasionally for noise abatement purposes") do we ever use "IDLE REVERSE", i.e. just cracking open the reversers. Never do you try to modulate the reverse thrust between the "IDLE" reverse and "MAX" reverse. This goes for all transport jets - Boeing and Airbus.

    On some turbo-props it's a bit more involved and on certain STOL aircraft Twin Otters, CASA 212's and sometimes Caravans, could you for ground operations and to limit taxi speed (and saving wear and tear on the brakes) or, occasionally backing the aircraft into a parking spot, modulate the reverse thrust for a limited period of time. For simming purposes it is of very limited practical use (as you don't have to pay for brake disks or pads;-)) Hope that helps.

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  • It would be really great to be able to toggle between forward and reverse thrust by assigning a button and hence being able to use the throttle to select either idle or max reverse.

    That would be the most realistic option, especially for aircraft like the A320 where normal thrust and reverse thrust are located on the same lever.

    I've just received my Gladiator NXZ and due to the reverse logic in FS2 I can't even use one of the rotary encoders for reverse thrust.

    I don't know a single (quality) joystick which has more than one separate axis and that's always being used as throttle.

    Presently I have to assign a button which only enables the use of max reverse thrust (and unrealistically needs to be continuously pushed down).

    Being able to use idle reverse (without the need to look down and pull the reverse lever up with the mouse) would be very nice, especially considering that even the new MSFS still has the thrust reverser animation completely wrong.

    edit: tried editing the tmd file on the Lear and change max reverse from -1 to -0.11, but this didn't have any effect except to slow down N1 increase in reverse.

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  • Any idea how to limit reverse thrust N1?

    Btw. it would be great if the reverse thrust would have a minus command like most other commands as well.

    That way one could assign a rotary selector to increase/decrease reverse thrust.

    An additional minus or up command for the gear would be very nice as well.