Is it possible to create a "Supercarrier" like DCS in Aerofly FS2.

  • Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to know whether it is possible to create a "Supercarrier" like DCS for Aerofly FS2. Having Animated Marshallars, people, animated fighter jets taking off and landing back on the carrier.

    I mean I am making a 3d animated model of the Supercarrier in my 3ds Max. Its almost 98% done( static model ) not animated. I will animate it later. I was working for the last 5 months in making it. And now it's coming to its completion.

    For this I was wondering whether AeroflyFS2 internal SDK will be capable of creating a very-detailed Supercarrier with full animation.

    Please kindly let me know whether it's possible or not? As if you all say "YES" then I will move forward in making it animated otherwise I will keep it as a model.

    As animations will require Animated People, Animated Jets and other lots of stuff.

    Best Regards :):)

  • Well, I'm not sure what a supercarrier is supposed to be compared to an aircraft carrier, but if you're expecting animations to interact with the situation (e.g. marshaller that actually leads you, carrier maneuvering into wind, etc.) the answer is unfortunately no.

    Of course you can create animations of all this, but they're continuously playing "blind", there's no AI in AFS2, not even condition-based events.

    For instance, you cannot even get a simple windsock to turn with the wind, despite this is the real minimal equipment for any aerodrome after a landing strip.



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    I don't think it will be able to drive but other than that... Aerofly doesn't care that it's animated people or animated airplanes or other vehicles. It doesn't know that your 3D model represents a human or a vehicle. All it does is display the animation.

    So yes, you can make a carrier in aerofly with animated people and vehicles.

    The main issue is that there is still no catch hook physics or catapult launch physics. So you probably will only be able to land on your carrier with a slow airplane or with a helicopter. Animations won't respond to you.

  • Can you clarify me which things will work on Aerofly other than movement of the Aircraft Carrier.

    I mean I planned to give animations to the following parts:-

    1. The Upper Deck with everything animated starting from Launch Pads(Catapult).

    2. Animated Crew over Deck which I will try my best to give animations which will look exactly what you see in the "SuperCarrier" module of DCS.( Human Animation is the most toughest animation ).

    3. Animated AI Fighter Jets doing Take-off and landing in the DECK.( I hope "Aerofly Life" project can deal with it ).

    4. Animated rudder of the Ship and other Navigational Instruments like the Landing Aid Indicator ( Don't know it's full name ).

    Which among the above animations will render perfectly inside Aerofly? Please let me know.

    Also can you tell me the limit or the maximum amount of " Polygons " that the core engine of Aerofly can render without performance impact.

    Also dealing with the most important thing " Coding ". I know only Python( which I am in learning phase). I don't know LUA or C++ or C# or JavaScript.

    Will I still be able to get the thing bring to life in AeroflyFS2.

  • 2 million polygons will always have some performance hit..

    Two ways to find out, the IPACS guru's choke on their coffee and say how many !!!!! or sit back and think " we can handle that and more "

    Or, you get it into the sim and find out for yourself and anyone else planning on big scenery. Problem with a carrier is all the polygons are in a small area and not spread out like an airport or scenery would be.

  • Well as far as I came to know that Wind Physics is still not simulated. Yes, animation can be given but it either may not show up inside Aerofly or if shown then it will be showing animation in a particular direction only. That much I think. But this needs attention of Mr Jet-Pack.