Palma-de-Mallorca Spain Available now.

  • Hola Colin

    Good work (And I guess quite laborious for modeling).

    You will allow me, however, a small objection. It is not a criticism, nor is it my intention that you feel annoyed, on the contrary, I feel for your work a real admiration among other reasons, because you are providing this Sim., A true wealth, a true collection of magnificent airports located in addition, in places that I consider very strategic in the ... "old continent = Europe".

    This is my "TIP": I suppose it will not be very difficult for you (now or in a future update), to improve the color of almost all the airport buildings, specifically the terminals. Virtually all of them have a "sand" color like the entire surface surrounding those buildings. They also have a good part of them, the same color on the ceiling, as on the vertical walls of the building itself. The consequence is that they are not very visible, they camouflggage with the ground. It would be convenient to put more colorful, more cheerful colors; That color of desert sand makes them sad, in addition, in a place of enormous tourist activity.

    I repeat Colin, it is not a criticism, it is a suggestion so that this magnificent work of yours shines more in that beautiful latitude.

    Kind regards: Delfin