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  • Ganz einfach: es kostet zu viel Arbeit ein Update zu erzeugen für die DVD version und es ist fast schon kinderleicht über steam einen Alpha oder Beta Testkanal einzurichten. Die viele Arbeit für das DVD Update machen wir nur einmal, wenn es fertig ist, sprich weder Beta noch Alpha Stand ist

    Gibt es inzwischen einen Termin für das DVD-Update?

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  • Version 0807

    In case you still want alpha reports here is one on the CDI scales on the Arrow GPS unit and the NAV1 CDI instrument. The instrument gives a full scale deflection at a half the displayed sensitivity.

    Here is about 0.4 miles off course on an indicated 1 mile sensitivity on the GPS unit (O/H Hayward 10R threshold with the Oakland 30 centre line track of 296.6 degrees on the GPS).

    The GPS CDI has the correct about 0.35 scale deflection but the instrument shows about a 0.7 scale deflection.

    I hope you are all having a nice summer and remain in good health.

  • Hi,

    Am I the only one who has a problem in the Beta (or Alpha) (20200807) with creating flight plans -from or to- several add-on-scenery airports ? (examples and explanation of the problem.) I believe the syntax in the folder structure and airport TSC-files for these airports is correct. Please can somebody give me a 'golden' tip to solve this on my system or some reinsurance that this is a 'bug' in the Beta/Alpha version and likely will be solved in the future.

    In the main time I switched out of this Beta/Alpha channel for Aerofly FS2 on Steam, so I unfortunately can not enjoy anymore the new functionality; as cold-starts, SID and STARS, and the EC135.

    Thanks for a reaction or a tip to solve this problem (on my system?)



  • It's only 17 days since we got the alpha release and it will probably take some weeks more to get all the bugs out.

    I am sure everything will be close to perfect in time..... :)


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  • Guys, let's be patient. Do not forget that this is a test version, use at your own risk. If you want something working well, don't use this version and stay in the regular version.

    I thought iPacs was very nice to have allowed us to test the product, after all, the product has no obligation to be updated at all times for us without charging more for it. They win with our feedback and we win with the updates, but the updates are not produced like instant noodles.

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    We are continuing to work on improving the build as well as the EC135, we also mentioned to give us a couple of weeks to work before seeing another build.

    We released the EC135 to give everyone a preview of this wonderful helicopter while we continue to work on it.

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    I also wonder about how the RadNav is supposed to display the ILS hdg/freq. When I looked the freq was there but no heading so I added one where I could. Was the course somehow assigned but hidden? Did I put the heading where it should be?

    It works just like in real life... You enter either the ILS identifier or the ILS frequency in the first line.

    Then you enter the ILS course in the line below that.

    You cannot enter CRS/FREQ in the A320 like that. Only the B777 or B747 accept that format.

  • I have the same with Pro Flight Puma - only on EC135, i thought it was some auto stabiliser thing because right pedal IRL is not pressed but in Sim it is and the helicopter is flying in balance. They seem to move themselves if i ease off real pressure. Weird but hopefully release version might have some info.

    Love this game for helicopters so much. Thanks team!

  • Dear Jet-Pack (IPACS) and Aerofly team,

    Firstly, what a lovely update upcoming. It's to die for.

    I have a litle very tiny request for the moment the update concerns iOS:

    Please, perform a device calibration when releasing autopilot or/and when double tap the screen (plus centering the view). I hope and believe it is easy to do :/.

    Thousand thanks :love:.

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  • Go to settings/controls/Helicopter/ and choose Tail Rotor and see if your rudders are selected?

    We are continuing to work on improving the build as well as the EC135, we also mentioned to give us a couple of weeks to work before seeing another build.

    We released the EC135 to give everyone a preview of this wonderful helicopter while we continue to work on it.

    It is an outstanding Alpha Version , a few bugs but nothing that stops it being enjoyed almost 99%.

    Please say torque pedals not rudders , you sound like a "planker" :)

  • Being a bit slow it just occurred to me that the GPS reported leg sequencing might be permanently seeking an earlier start leg and is not just locked onto a departure-point’s internally/route generated waypoint. Before the plane moved it sought out the nearest leg in the programmed circular track far aft (out over the ocean) of the aircraft, see the W2205 to 08 leg on the navigation page map. The GPS became fixated on the sim’s internally/route generated waypoint 08 once the plane moved.

    Sorry if this was obvious.

  • My Tecnam P2008 crashes the sim with 2020 08 07 version (did not install previous alphas). Tried several other user made aircraft and they work fine.

    Signing out of the alpha makes it work again. Anybody else experiencing this problem?

    I have changed nothing to the aircraft for several month.