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  • We're working on it.

    Just to confirm: All reverse indications should be normal but it's only idle reverse, right?

    The REV is displayed on the system, and the wing can be seen in the reverse thrust state from the perspective of the wing, but the reverse thrust energy is not provided, and the N1 value continues to decrease after landing

    XPS 9710 11800H RTX 3060 32G

    AORUS Z490 10900K RTX 3080 32G

  • Jan you have done an AMAZING job on the C90. All the critical issues are fixed, except the speed tape. I have noted on my original posts where items have been fixed. There are three minor switch issues remaining:

    - Crossfeed should be closed for engine start (and probably also C&D).

    - I would have the NAV and RECOG lights OFF for engine start.

    You even implemented the man gen ties switch so the beacon can work before engine start! One note on this switch is that it should be a momentary action UP to tie the gens to the bus; they should then remain tied unless (a) the switch is moved to the bottom "OPEN" position; or (b) both generators are turned off (or fail). The purpose is to automatically kill power to non-essential equipment in the case of a dual generator failure to preserve the battery. However, I can easily live with the current implementation - I'll just add a checklist item to return the switch to the central position after generator start.

    Reference on the gen tie switch:…-white-circles/

  • I would just like to express my sheer joy after reading through all of these updates. With that and MSFS2020 officially being available, It is gonna be a great Fall "2020" (Despite all other things). My question is though, will the copilot overlay be available in VR mode as opposed to only non-VR. I tried reading through the forum posts for an answer but, maybe I still missed it somewhere. Thanks, and I look forward to this update.

  • Hi.

    I have installed new update and it seems to work fine, but I have one question regarding new navigation menu. Where (without searching in external sources) can I find informations about ILS frequencies of runways and their elevation?

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  • I tried to go to the start (using the symbol on the navigation page) of a running but not activating (on GPS) route in the Monterey area and the sim died and when restarted it was in the middle of France. The GPS does not follow a route sequence and if trying to direct to a VOR on the nameless waypoint lists using its known VOR frequency, the sim crashes. The CDI definitely indicates in reverse.

    Thanks again.

    Aircraft position and start of route were close to

    N 36.46 W 122.10

    Restarted at.

    1/2 way between PON and POY on the ground at Paris.

    About N 048.55 E 002.10 No French Scenery or cultivation except Basel. Monterey add on in use.

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  • Dear Alpha-Testers,

    We updated the Steam Alpha once again.

    Please check if your previous issues still exist or if they are now resolved.

    Change-Log of today's update, 2020-08-03:

    - Fixed User scenery loading

    Hi Jan, thanks for the Alpha update today 3 aug! Very much appreciating your hard work!

    The problem with 'user scenery loading, some user created airports (or fscloudport) not appearing when placed in scenery/airports folders' is solved, but ... still problems remaining on the navigation page for some airports.

    All 12 FScloudport "test" airports over Europe and US (Hawaii) are appearing now on the map and and aircraft's can be put on on a RWY, Parking spot or Heli platform via the location page.

    Unfortunately in the navigation page only same 5 airports (in The Netherlands, The Paris Area, and some bigger German airports, can be used to create ORIG, RWY, DEST, ..... via search (ORIG, DEST) and so creating a flight plan is possible for these 5.

    7 Airports, for example FSCloudport LEMD Madrid is appearing on the navigation map, but clicking on the airport icon on the right is highlighting ORIG, RWY,DEP on the left, but this fields are are remaining empty --- (also no choices can be made see screenshot.) so creating a flight plan is not possible for these 7.

    Thanks for your attention


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  • I updated to the new Alpha today.

    One of the things I wanted to explore was the new navigation (flight plan) setup with STARS and Approaches and how that might work with the A320.

    I fly the A320 in X-Plane and P3D (Aerosoft) so I am quite familiar with its workings or at least how the MCDU functions in those sims.

    I was able to create a flight plan with a STAR and an Approach to KSAN.

    When the A320 was loaded I could see the plan was shown in the ND; however, I could not see anything like I expected to see in the MCDU F-PLN. I should see the departure, waypoints and the STAR as well as the Arrival Runway (I09).

    I did not see anything like that in the MCDU. After takeoff turning on the AP did manage to handle the climb and speeds; however, the aircraft did not follow the flight plan and I could not seem to find a way to do so.

  • User -created scenery LSZN - Haus am Albis, Switzerland from Chrispriv.

    I had a problem with this scenery, but this is fixed. Now, IPCAS has spent runway lights for this airfield. :huh::)

    To make sure that I am right, I have installed the beta version. No runway lights. Reinstalled the Alpha-Version. Runway lights present.

  • Exactly the same here. The ND shows the route, but the MCDU shows nothing. Not only data related to navigation, but also data related to performance. It seems that some things are gone after today.

  • Dear Aerofly Alpha testers,

    We updated the Alpha once again, fixing many of the bugs you reported :)

    Please verify that the following issues are now resolved on your end as well:


    • Fixed A320 and LJ45 reversers working again
    • Fixed CDU and CAS text display working correctly again
    • Fixed C90GTx airspeed indicator now receives data again
    • Fixed Nearest airports, VORs, waypoints and NDBs bearing indications are magnetic again
    • Fixed A320 MCDU origin runway now labeled correctly as origin + rwy and no longer destination + rwy
    • Changed Next waypoint identifier now aircraft specific (e.g. KSAN09 instead of 09)
    • Added Autopilot and copilot can now fly arc segments (e.g. KPSP R13RZ approach)

    The advanced autopilot (A320, B777, LJ45, etc. - not the C172, B58 autopilot) should now be able to fly the entire route laterally without any issues.

    Please test this as well with longer routes as we can't test every possible combination.

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  • Dear Aerofly Alpha testers,

    We updated the Alpha once again, fixing many of the bugs you reported :)

    Hi Jan,

    Just tested my reported bug about not be able to create flight plans in some user created airports (see my previous message in this link).

    This problem is still occurring in today's Alpha version Are there somethings I can extra test for you? Please let me know. If not I will patiently wait another Alpha version.