Some minor issues with the alpha version

  • I experienced the new alpha version today, it is really great but there are a few issues that may need improvement.

    1.The new navigation system does not work in copilot mode. After takeoff, the mode will automatically set the altitude to 0. The aircraft will fall to the ground after tens of seconds instead of flying along the track.

    2.The ILS beacon and automatic landing system failed. After I entered the ils frequency and heading in the MCDU and turned on the dual AP and APPR, the PFD did not display CAT III DUAL or AUTOLAND 3.

    3.The PFD and ND of A320 will flicker from time to time. This problem has existed in the previous version (20200520). I speculate that this problem may be related to Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling of Windows 10 2004.

    4.The function of the new navigation system makes me impressed, but if my plane is in the air, the navigation system does not seem to guide me to a certain airport, because it seems that it can only be set to go from one runway to another.

    Generally speaking, this update is awesome, but some of the above minor issues hope to be fixed as soon as possible, thank you!

    XPS 9710 11800H RTX 3060 32G

    AORUS Z490 10900K RTX 3080 32G