King Air AP Disconnects

  • Not sure whether this is a new issue in the alpha release, or an old one. I find that the King Air AP disconnects often, for no apparent reason. I'll be flying along quite happily in say HDG and ALTS mode with AP engaged, when suddenly it changes from AP to FD (flight director) mode. One possibility is noise on my joystick control inputs, since I notice that the AP disconnects if you give manual control inputs. Even though I'm not touching the joystick, it is possible that noise makes the AP think I'm giving manual control inputs, and disconnects. Any other ideas, or suggestions how to prevent this from happening?



  • Jet-Pack (IPACS) August 3, 2020 at 9:21 AM

    Changed the title of the thread from “King Air AP Disconnects (alpha)” to “King Air AP Disconnects”.
  • Thanks Jan. I tried again, ensuring my speed was within limits, and didn't have the problem. I was able to reproduce the problem by using FLC to climb to 5000 ft with high power. On reaching 5000' the speed keeps increasing as their is no over-speed protection, until eventually the AP silently disconnects. Audible over-speed and stall warnings would be nice :)