VR : Windowed Mode with reflector and ovrdrop

  • Hi,

    In VR, I’m using my iPad with reflector and ovrdrop so I need to have the reflector window visible on the main screen.

    If any window recover the aerofly window, I loose the possibility to use the mouse inside aerofly (I need it).

    Is it anyway to move the aerofly window in a corner of the main screen and or change its size?

    Thanks in advance,



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    Changed the title of the thread from “VR : Windowed Mode with reflector and ovdrop” to “VR : Windowed Mode with reflector and ovrdrop”.
  • I had these problems with tools like OVR Drop and gave up on it. Loss of focus to the FS2 window happens very easily (more than other VR apps?) when handling more than one window and hard to recover from. The most reliable thing is a 2nd monitor - did you not pack one for your vacances? :)

  • Hi Phil,

    No I didn't take a second monitor. I playing with a wireless saitek gamepad, the mouse and ipad fixed on my legs. It's a very nice mobile solution.

    By the way I found two solutions :

    1 ) Simple & Elegant : Pressing Windows Key + Right Arrow

    2 ) Brutal Force : Editing main.mcf by hand to change the window's rect. If you enter a bad rect (ie out of screen definition) it will be rewrited by the app to default (ie centered window).


  • If you make sure FS2 is the first window in your task bar then Windows Key + 1 switches focus to it and I mapped a Saitek button to do that. This was just one of the many niggles though. I can't remember them all now