VR 'look at' control to supplement mouse pointer?

  • I love Aerofly FS 2 - especially since it models my home base LSZF in detail that no other FS currently does (yeah, this includes the "Breitling" ads and playground next to C ). With the new Alpha and startup procedures I now wish that FS2 would support a fantastic VR feature that my other favorite VR flight sim DCS has: 'look mouse' (the mirror to 'mouse look'), i.e. that the mouse cursor (a small dot) follows my HMD's center of view.

    In DCS, I can use this intuitive feature to simplify the (quite involved) startup procedures for complex planes like an A-10 or F-5E by simply looking at a switch and pressing a button on my HOTAS. Even better, I can use it so set frequencies or headings during precision approaches that usually would require me to take off the headset and look for the mouse. (This of course requires the user to map left and right mouse button as well as scroll wheel up and down to buttons outside the sim - which is trivial). Just by allowing the in-cockpit pointer be controlled by what I'm looking at would allow me to cold-start my plane without having to fumble around for the mouse. This is especially annoying and breaking immersion when I need to set field elevation during approach in FS2 or switch to another radial during navigation.

    Is this something that may be doable in the future?



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  • If you are on Windows, that's really trivial: use Joystick Gremlin, and you can map anything to anything, mouse buttons/wheel included.

    I'm using a Virpil Constellation Alpha Stick, and it has a wheel kind of dial on the stick. I map the up down rotation to mouse wheel up/down, and the wheel press to mouse left. I them mapped the 'black' right button to mouse button 2. Additionally, I mapped the right rotary dial on my Throttle (Virpil Mongoos 2) to also be used as up/down scroll wheel. so I can use either hand. Total time to set up gremlin: 1 Minute :)

    On the Mac, you may use Joystick Mapper or similar. Caveat Emptor: I have no experience with Joystick Mapper on the Mac (although I'm alsoe an avid Mac head).

    To only problem that now remains is making the mouse pointer move to where the HMD is looking. This can only be done from within the app itself.