Waypoint Editor?

  • The waypoints are often in error or out of date. The Monterey waypoints south of SNS are plotted in True instead of Magnetic and here the SFO ILS 28R waypoints EDDYY and SIDBY are absent. An estimate was entered for EDDYY which did match the desired OSI 081 radial at 8 miles. This user waypoint cannot be stored in FS2. Correction of waypoints by IPACS does not seem to happen.

    It would help if permanent new waypoints could be generated or old ones modified. An ability to define new SIDs and STARS would be very nice, the ones offered do not seem to be a perfect match with real world examples.

    Approximate positions for EDDYY and SIDBY have been inserted next to nearby current FS2 waypoints. Nav 2 shows OSI 081 8 miles, the position of EDDYY.