Possibility of sharklets on the A320 in the next update?

  • Since we got a new update with several new things like the one promised it would be wonderful that in the next update it will be focused on implementations of novelties in the planes seem to be old I hope to see the A320 operated with sharklets or an A320 NEO or an A321 which I think is even better.:/

  • An 321, / 320 Neo It would be really cool since it is an aircraft that differs from the conventional 320 because it is bigger and has more engine options, in addition to being implemented with sharks, it would be an even bigger differential many people look for a modern airbus that is at less with sharklets.

  • But friend it’s not because they look a bit like this is discarded, otherwise most simulators would only have 5 aircraft at most I don’t agree because it’s similar to the fact that it’s discarded. Those who like airplanes like new planes with beautiful engines or implementations ...

    the simulator will not lose credibility

  • What happens is that the IPACS follows a smart line of making aircraft little found in other competing simulators which is good management. What can be done are some modifications to the planes to look more recent ex: NEO engines and sharklets on the A320 so you have an A320 NEO Ok?, however any of these implementations generate a lot of problems because just like in most simulators Aerofly uses aircraft made from a platform which becomes very complex these modifications mainly due to some textures after all the developers need to basically change and add a lot of things for the plane to look like Aerofly.

    The only thing I hope is that they will be able to implement sharklets on the A320.



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