Poll : an updated 737 or a new plane?

  • If you have the choice: 28

    1. An update version of the Boeing 737-500 (for a 737-800 or 737 MAX8) but no new airliner (12) 43%
    2. Keeping the Boeing 737-500 and have a new airliner (13) 46%
    3. Keeping the Boeing 737-500 and have a new aicraft (except an airliner) (3) 11%


    I just want to know what Aerofly FS users wants.

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  • None of these. Not interested in bus driving... only GA aircraft for me



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  • i like the no bus flying hahaha but as much as i love GA i love doing the long distance stuff. On xplane i fly the 737 for a majority of time on vatsim. THE A320 IS WONDERFUL but I reallllyyy want a 737 with glass cockpit. I mean, heck, I would accept the -500 with an old stylish glass cockpit. So i can use it for ILS approach and stuff, working buttons would be cool too, but i would do the glass cockpit first. In the pick you can see the displays. YOU WOULDNT HAVE TO REWORK THE PLANE, just parts of the cockpit. No stretching of the airplane or rework, just the cockpit like in the pick. Steam is cool but c'mon, this would be "simple" to add right?

  • Se fosse simples assim eles já teriam feito.

    It's obvious from your post in support of the IPACS team that you're a fan. Trust me, I am a fan also. A patient fan and supporter since my first AFS2 flight in February 2017. My post was meant as an expression of support as well. That is, that the community afford the IPACS team time to remain focused and continue down their path of continuous improvement of the platform and aircraft systems.


  • Yes I am a supporter just like you but I also suggest some things too. However, I really believed that it would be easier to work with something already half done, but I realized that sometimes work takes the same time as creating a new one. But who knows, suddenly we will be surprised. :)



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  • In my very personal opinion we have plenty of free planes to choose from. I am more interested in new features to make the simulator world more dynamic (like real-time weather, or visible car/ship/plane traffic), or more navigation information (like controlled airspace visible in the navigation planning tool).

    But being a rotor-head the upcoming EC 135 is more than I dared to ask for. :)