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    Few questions,

    I saw a pushback setting and got excited and cant seem to get it to work? How do I get it to work. My error or not implemented?

    As you can see in the "spawn" and "spawn in game" images, I really like this feature where I can spawn on the GND, but could you add a feature where I can start in cold and dark like when using the ingame spawn points? Like the options to start "ready for taxi" and "cold and dark"?

    Is there something i can do in the files, like the settings, to start cold and dark?

    I am using the beta for the alpha caused my frames to drop to 10 fps in LA when i can run it at 75 fps in beta.

    Using Lenovo ideapad 320 (yes it runs) MX150 i5 8th gen U...

    Besides that, happy flying! Really enjoy the sim

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    At the parking positions the cold and dark state is available.

    When you move the aircraft to a custom position you select the taxi state by design. There is no way around this, it is intentional that the taxi state is selected when you start anywhere on the map on the ground.

    In real life you also don't start on the taxiway with everything turned off, that would just block other traffic...

  • i get that, that is common sense, but let's say I want to start at the gate or a stand while being cold and dark, how do i do that? In other words, how do I start at a gate or stand AND start cold and dark?

    And is the pushback setting even functional?

    You can see in "settings" picture, that there is a button I can assign to pushbackStart, Stop, and Back.

    EDIT nevermind on the pushback, I CANT READ lmao... sorry for that.

  • i tried adding the custom position, I used google maps to get these coords and cross referenced it in game. They sorta match but this starting position, which i have defined in the code, isn't showing in game. I used the KSFO method of multiple spawn locations. This is KSNA and goes to gate 15 or something. I would love to make this work so i can add another spawn location for the Cessna in the north parking stands. It is weird having to spawn in a cessna where it isn't parked in real life.

    I followed this tutorial too…php/sdk:scenery_creation3

  • i slashed out the given spawn from the download and it still appeared in game, meaning this file has no impact on the spawn positions? I removed the size to no avail... I remember it working with the old UI but it isn't in the new one. Can someone please help me with this. Low key desperate lol. This is KSNA gate 15 (any gate works). I just can't seem to create custom spawns anymore?


    Ok for those who want to create custom spawn positions, copy the entire airport file, in this case, ksna airport.

    Then, paste in in document>Aerofly FS 2>addons>scenery>usa>places

    From these, edit the tsc file, scroll down to parking positions, and add this

    <[tmsimulator_parking_position][element]["1,2,3,4,5.... it follows an order"]
                    <[tmvector2d][position]["coordinates which you can get from google maps"]>
                    <[float64][heading]["the heading... must mess with it to get the right heading"]>
                    <[string8][name]["the name"]>
    //ignore the " and just put in numbers

    save it and done! enjoy

  • here are two new spawns for you guys to test out,

                    <[tmvector2d][position][-117.86395500000 33.6768380000000]>
                    <[string8][name][Parking Position #2]>
                    <[tmvector2d][position][-117.871344 33.675396]>
                    <[string8][name][Parking Position #3]>

    position 2 is gate 15 and position 3 is a GA parking position, enjoy!

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