ah64a WIP..Please use the release version

  • Hi Heli fans, bit long but bear with me

    After the recent changes by IPACS and some sterling work by Jetpack I have just posted update 6. Yes this one works :)


    The recent changes required quite a lot of work to the rotor system, and this being FS2, meant that lots more things are effected along the way ( benefits and drawbacks of having a truly accurate simulator I guess)

    There is still more work to be undertaken as she is quite lively and also quite docile. Strangely she flies better at a lower rotor speed, as Jetpack said she would, but she also losses too much rotor speed so I need to find a better way of governing this. If you watch the rotor gauge you will see what I mean.

    So on to the reason for update 5. Apart from it works.

    I am at the stage where texturing and modelling appear finished so I would appreciate Apache fliers giving her some admiring looks and reporting any errors that need fixing. This is both external and internal. If all looks good I will upload the paintkits.

    Please fly from both seats and report back what needs adjusting etc. Don't be shy just report it.

    You can start from cold and dark. To start the engines either be in external power or start the APU with the battery on. APU located on right side panels at the back. Just a switch, lights on CWP will advise, hydraulics will rise, electrics on line etc.

    Cockpit is ok for night flying. Warning bugs and lights for radar altitude for the low fliers. Nav systems need checking out. To change between VOR and TACAN use the rotary knob on the main panel pedestal, lights will tell you which is on. I think the TACAN tunes but I don't have enough hours in the day at the moment.

    Bind a joystick button for taxi lights ( for hover hold) and beacon light ( for heading hold), similar to lynx. For the brave bind landing light, this will enable approach mode ( auto stabilator), why brave, well it doesn't work correctly at the moment.

    For the really brave (or stupid) you can deselect the trim by moving the BUCS tst switch (ASE Panel) to the center position. Just a bit of fun this one.

    As I said from the beginning the idea of producing updates is to let you see what's involved and now to get your participation. Maybe a different way to do things but there's only me in the office and wearing so many hats it's easy to miss the obvious and also to loose track of where you are.

    As the modelling/texturing is 'complete' I can spend more time on flight tuning. 95% of the systems are done.

    With regard to time.. I am due to start skin cancer treatment for the next 8 weeks so I may have less than hoped for depending on how I feel, I may also have more as I'm in total lockdown. Of course the other half may give me a push down the stairs as my comedy routines are wearing a bit thin.

    All the best and keep safe.


  • Regards,

    Peter Splinter

    i5-7400@3,4 GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 1660 Super, Pico 4, Quest 2 , 'Vintage' Pro Flight Trainer, X52 Pro, VKB pedals

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  • I've tried Microsoft flight sim on vr its really cool but boy badly optimized for my cv1. Back in the latest release Apache. Hats off to you sir this is unbelievable. a dream. Thank you over and over again. I want to wish everyone a happy holidays.

    I have 2 questions.

    ¹ does fs2 have a way to tune the axis?

    ² how do I turn on the display in the cockpit?

    Update: I didn't think the cockpit was clickable. Sorry I'm a real noob. This chopper is a beast. I'll download the manual. I need to get acquainted.


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