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    Hi Guys

    Just posted an update for the WIP Apache, still very much a work in progress but as you can see I am still working on the beastie.

    Switches required for flight are in the correct positions apart from 3. I'm afraid they need power to be able to work. So, move engine throttle levers forward, once engines up to speed, battery switch to Battery ( it's on external power at the moment so you don't need to start the engines using the APU). On the ASE panel (left side near main panel) turn on NOE/Approach and Attd/Hover hold.

    No there is no rotors turning ready to go, this is a WIP remember and will be added in the future when things are more stable.

    Should be good to go now.

    You can of course start the engines with the battery switch in the battery position. This does mean the APU needs starting ( rearmost right panel) simply move the apu switch to run, warning lights on CWP will advise what is happening. Remember to turn off the APU once engines running as it will consume fuel at the same rate as a normal engine.

    Since last update.

    About 10,000 more lines of code

    All switches in rear cockpit working

    60% switches in the front cockpit

    Re-modelled the canopy and windows to correct an error

    Texturing well underway

    Night lighting in cockpits

    All systems complete, still require testing fully

    Gun and sensors are animated, linked to main controls at the moment as there is not other way to do it till IPACS give us some user defined controls

    When I can work out how to give the glass more shine I will but all efforts at the moment are failing. Still no sound as I need some more coding to be able to hook things up.

    VR is very nice, feels like a big helicopter. Click spots are a pain in the rear, try to lean backwards to give more distance. There is a map, and other things, in the center display. No problems in 2D but in VR it is replaced by the HUD unless you lean in and then it re-appears... Master OBI Jan, any ideas on this one.

    Comments welcome


  • Hi Jan

    When I take a screenshot it shows there is nothing wrong but when I am using the VR (Oculus Cv1) it shows a mixture of the map and the HUD. If I move closer to the screen the Map takes priority. If I turn my head to either side I can see both. Will try to do a screen grab later and post that.

    Perhaps others may take a look to see if it's just isolated to my setup.


  • Hi Steve,

    Thanks for all your work on the Apache so far!

    Same thing here with Windows Mixed Reality, screenshots show the map but in VR I have to go up close to the screen to see the map appear instead of the camera or HUD...


    Peter Splinter

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