Just Flight's Hawk T1/A Advanced Trainer is in the Aerofly FS skies.

  • The team received the newest package today for some final testing. She is looking and flying really nice. Crew members are in the cockpit along with a dozen liveries. Navy Trainer is not among them but, Andy can work on that in his spare time. The sounds are greats and most everything is spot on, so it should be available for everyone soon. It has a Failures package that looks quite comprehensive. It is small but so very fast and a high flyer. Zip over to the Just flight site and check it out. You can leave your email address and they will let you know when it is ready for you.


    A steely-eyed Sierra Hotel record setting F-15E Strike Eagle simulator pilot. 8o
    Out now: Hawaiian Islands 8) Part 1: Kauai + Niihau v2 and Part 2 Oahu Island.

    On short final Part 3: Molokai, Maui, Lanai, Kohoolawe + Molokini Crater