• I was flying around Long beach this morning in Krzysztof's new Flaris plane and realized that the Queen Mary and the Spruce building are 2D. The nearby USS Iowa is in 3D so I was wondering if anyone had modeled these iconic tourist places in 3D?

    The Queen Mary in particular is pretty famous having "starred" in many movies and TV series. The latest being the Spanish High Seas series.

    Please excuse my lousy screenshots.

  • Well you and I wish!

    The USS Iowa is 3D because we got generous benefactors that made it an extra contribution that we can install:):thumbup::thumbup:. You can also install some autogen for Los Angeles, other than that there is not much for Los Angeles unfortunately at this point (Downtown exists in the sim and maybe a few other places around, and I believe all airports are there (can't remember if Hawthorne is there, Van Nuys?))

    So, what we'd need is a team project to develop the whole area, especially the whole harbor with bridges, cranes, ships, containers, etc.. It's a BIG job

    There are tons of iconic places we could do.

    We do have 4 sim stations as part of the exhibit on the Iowa, so it would be great enhancement (that and having the aircrafts related to the museum A HUP helicopter, and a Kingfisher airplane). At some point I was hoping to gather a team or create one (get some volunteers to learn how to do it) to do just that. Unfortunately for now because of COVID the sim stations are not available temporarily, so maybe one day.