Scale issue: problem using virtual hands to fly EC135.

  • I have often the feeling that the scale of cockpits are not compeltely right in VR, but as I am not pilot in real life I can never be sure.

    However in the EC135 there is something really wrong.

    After a normal recentering (sitting straight and pressing the recentring button), I can't catch the collective lever without leaning. It's too far away, maybe 10 cm too far away to catch it comfortably. So I have to raise my head before the centering, in order to center to a lower position, to be able to comfortably grip the collective lever. Which I don't like because the reduces my visibility.

    I understand that the recentring is made for a fixed height and I am not very tall (1.72m), but still clearly to have an arm 10 cm longer I would need to be something like 2m height. I can't believe the game is setup for people that tall, and anyway someone that high would have his head much closer to the roof.

    I tried to play with the "scale factor", but sadly it does not help because, for some weird reason, it does not make just the helicopter appearing smaller, but also your arms! My hands appear closer than where they actually are, so the problem is strictly the same.

    Does anyone have the same issue? Any solution?

    EDIT: After a quick checking, maybe being 1.90m would be enough, but still I find rather strange that 1) you have to be that tall and 2) even when you are that tall you need to have you arm fully streched to get the lever. Usually levers are not made to be gripped with the arm fully streched. Any comment on that from a real pilot would be appreciated

  • Yes but then to be in a comfortable position to get the lever I have to be too low relatively to the instrument panel, my eyes are hardly higher than it, I can't properly see ahead. I feel like I am 1.50m high.

    If you look at that photo from a ec135 youtube video:

    You can see that the guy is clearly not a giant, his eyes are much higher than the instrument panel, and he can hold the collective lever in a relatively low position without completely stretching his arm.

    I can't do that in the simulation. By far.

    It's really an issue because so far I could not find a way to comfortably fly the EC135.

    I guess most people are using physical controls and not virtual hands for the collective lever, but as flying with virtual hands is pretty well implemented, it's sad that we have this problem.

    Any feedback from other virtual hand players would be much appreciated.

    Also, it seems to me that the "scaling factor" in the settings could solve the problem if there were not this silly bug that makes virtual hands scale as well. A feedback from IPACS on this would be nice.

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  • The pilot position in the cockpit is indeed a bit too high and a bit too far backwards in most aircraft.

    I am 1.94m and always sit as far up and back in my chair before resetting my position in VR, after that I move forward a bit to get in position.

    I always use physical controls though so I don't have your problems.
    The scale of the cockpits seems good to me but the starting position in VR should probably be better if the pilot position was 15cm lower and 15cm more forward in the seat?


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  • Thanks for the tip, I was not trying to go forward. It helps a lot, making the tip of the lever significantly closer. I suppose it is just like in a car and you can move the chair forward and backward in real life, in the simulation it is not the case and it is stuck at the most backward possible position.

    Also, using an Oculus Rift CV1 which makes all games integrating a pretty good myopia simulation, being closer to the instruments helps. I can't wait for the HP Reverb G2.