• GPS DIY app into Blancolirio's (YouTube) slightly sooty Nevada County strip with visibility at minimum? It is on the FS2 list, just N.E. of Beale AFB.

    I remember being a bit silly with a Garmin 55AVD handheld in the previous millennium.

    Good luck iAlexL, flooding is more of a worry at my end.

    Just looked up Nevad Co in SkyVector.com and it had a Met report on screen!, it also has a real world RNAV (GPS) RWY 7 approach. Gonna give it a go in the Arrow. With WAAS it allows a decision height of 475 feet with 1 3/8 mile visibility.

    (For 1 3/8 mile visibility putting the centre of the slider under the second 'i' of 'visibility' in the menu works fairly well (using a 4 year old (mobile) DIY calibration). There is post from early 2016 showing a scale).

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  • Being one of the more than 17 million Australians directly affected last summer by what we once called bushfires. Now they’re complexes & megafires, We feel California’s pain. It’s still raw & etched into our psyches. We are about to enter yet another fire season that threatens to merge into one single year-round season.

    We need every tool possible to raise awareness, encourage recruits & illuminate the critical requirements - unprecedented investment in personnel and the very best in equipment & training.

    While it probably isn’t on the roadmap, I think Aerofly - either off-the-shelf or a specialised version - could be an excellent candidate for recruitment & training for airborne firefighting.. Medium, heavy & super heavy air tanker drops, e.g. Bombardier 415 Superscooper, DC-10 Air Tanker and the one-of-a-kind 747 Supertanker.

    Add a Sikorsky S-64 Aircrane & S-70C Firehawk and accurately modelled flame zones & complexes. Needless to say, in VR It’d be a step above everything else apart from professional airborne firefighting simulator installations.

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