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  • Dear colleagues

    I come here for you to help me. I'm new to the Aerofly PC version, unfortunately I don't have a sidestick or a play station control. Is there any possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the keyboard or mouse so that the movements are smoother?

    Give me tips please.

  • I got a very nice second hand joystick off eBay for £20. (A black widow) it’s a few years old but still does the job. I started out flying the MS Sim in the 1980’s using arrow keys. Whilst it’s possible it’s not great.

  • If you go to Settings>Controls, you can assign a keypress for an action. Click in the first box to the left of the Throttle 'Assign Axis' field and press the negative symbol "-" on the numeric keypad. Click on the first field on the right, and press the "+" symbol. You will then find that tapping the - key will reduce power in steps, and tapping + will increase power, again in steps. If you hold the key down it will move you directly to maximum or minimum power very quickly. I tested this with 8 and 2 for the elevator, and 4 and 6 for the ailerons, and 1 and 3 for the rudder. These all work as alternative controls if one of my joysticks is not working, or I don't want to use it. I tried to get a screenshot and failed, but I did get a photo of my screen.

    Hope this helps.


  • Jean, notice that in the bottom right corner of the Sim there is a virtual control if you have a mouse is another way but I don't know if in the settings of the mouse to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse, but you can try that too. A valuable tip buy a joystick on the day you think, will help you.





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