More versions of planes

  • Hi

    Iv Bern playng aerofly fs 2 on my Computer{<-edit} since 18 December 2014, so I have played almost since the start

    Now I play on the 2020 version. And there is more planes but i don’t think that there is enough planes, I would love to have planes like the sr71-blackbird, 787 8/10, 737-800 and a350. And love more companies, like spirit, Ryanair and SAS.

    Thanks for reading Cap. Aron

  • Have you tried the full navigation features of all the planes?, it is a new expansion of the fun to be had from the older planes. My favourite is the Learjet with a route programmed and the nav sources switching from the FMC to VORs to NDBs, I recently discovered the route pointer when selecting the secondary nav needle displays!

    I use to get the nav frequencies, some like the working Buchanan localiser 18 are not even in the Aerofly menu. Clicking on an airport gives you the approaches, SIDs and STARs for a more authentic planed route.

  • There will never be enough planes, as there will aways be one missing that you or someone else likes most. Suggestion: Fly, instead of scrolling through the airplane selection and marvel at the beatiful models. ;)

    I find myself again and again in the smaller a/c's because the system depth of the big ones scare me. In the end, I'm not a professional pilot, but it's cool that Aerofly allows you to do what you want and can.