a320 adding custom sound

  • NICE I GOT NO MORE ERRORS. Aye, now I need to mess with the threshold

  • Just do something like this:


    Threshold is the value at which the sound should be triggered. In this case the load can be as high as 10000.0 or so if not higher.

    Try it with 1000 first, if that triggers a sound then you can change the threshold to a higher value.

  • I got this so far. I have the passanger_enter.wav and now need to make a tigger but how, I want this to be played similar to the cockpit_background but only when the cockpit lock switch is on unlocked

    I found this, three states for the switch which is good.

    big goal, just play a sound when the switch is on lock. If i can do this, i can add custom sounds for so many buttons that add immersion!

  • Update

    the trigger for say:

    the play the sound:

    I got the sound to play but it doesn't matter what state the switch is on, it keeps playing when I spawn the plane. How do I make it stop when the switch is no longer in [-1.0] and trigger when it is on [-1.0]?

  • second try

    using the MECH button as a trigger...

                //    <[string8][Input][Calls.Mechanic]>
                //    <[string8][Events]       [ OverheadLowerLeftCircularButtonSoundIn.Trigger  ]>
                //    <[string8][EventsRelease][ OverheadLowerLeftCircularButtonSoundOut.Trigger ]>
                    <[string8][Events]       [ OverheadLowerLeftCircularButtonSoundIn.Trigger  ]>
                    <[string8][EventsRelease][ PassengerEnteringCabinSound.Trigger ]>

    and it should play this sound

    and I get nothing. It plays the OverheadLowerLeftCircularButtonSoundIn.Trigger very well but it doesn't play anything when I release.

    Do i need to make it a [sound_event]. I would still like the trigger to be the cockpit door switch

    I can change the

    <[string8][EventsUp] [ CockpitDoorSwitchSound.Trigger ]>

    <[string8][EventsDown][ CockpitDoorSwitchSound.Trigger ]>

    to different .Triggers but idk if that will works.

  • Events up or down is a list of events. You can add a new sound_event to the physics and then add that at the end of the events list with YourName.Trigger

    In the sound section you then have to add the soundinput YourName and a soundmulti or soundloop with the InputVolume YourName.Output

    But why don't you try to stay focussed on one thing first. Use a sound that already exists and just change the file name. If that works undo the change. Then add a second soundloop underneath the original with a different name and your sound file with the exact same inputs.

    Once that works you can change one of the inputs like InputVolume or InputPitch.

    Copy a soundmapping and make your own mapping.

    And once you know how a soundmapping is adjusted you can try to change the soundinput to something that the physics already output with an output or output_free object.

    Only when you have done all of that successfully would I recommend changing anything in the physics and adding new sound events.

    Work your way from the file end towards the top. Only that way you can create the chain of input/output without too much headache.

  • Copy that sir

    One last question before I stop bugging you,

    Gears Sound:

    There is N/L/RightGearExtendedSound, GearDown/UpSound, N/L/RightGearTransitionSound1/2/3. I have the gear sound of when beging deployed and retracted. Which on do I put this sound in [soundfile]

    Also also, sorry, but where can I change the in game name of the plane. It still says A320 even though I names the file and stuff in it a320mod EDIT NEVERMIND FOUND IT

  • where can i find the amount of time it takes for the engines to boot up, idk if there is a [duration] for this.

    i have a nice PTU sound that is really cool on bootup and I GOT IT TO WORK yay. i just want it to last longer but this corresponds to the EngineN1 speed. So that means i have to make the boot up last longer.