Any suggestions for this

  • Hello users I have two small problems both on the A320, I tried to send email to the developers but I did not get feedback I understand a lot of work and little time. Therefore, I believe that perhaps these will be solved by myself, the problems are

    1- When checking flight control the rudder moves faster than in the Simulator

    2- The Ground Spoilers

    (first spoiler after the fuselage) needs to be opened 3 degrees more at landing

    Maybe I can solve if so how?

  • What do you mean rudder moves faster?

    The simulated rudder is too slow?

    How exactly did you measure the 3° angle that is missing xD

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    Minute 00:50

  • OK i understood the spoilers and that they need to be more steep.

    I compared your footage for the rudders to the game and they are identical, it might be your sensitivity but IDK.

    go to [steam etc]/Aerofly FS 2/aircraft/a320 and go to the a320.tmd

    copy this:

    you will replace and paste the lines between "//spoilers" and "//airbrakes and spoilers end" (without the ")

    Good luck.

    • Official Post

    In the real world video the rudder does not move in a continuous fashion. It stops at 50% moving from left to right. So it's really hard to replicate this situation. It's roughly the same speed though.

    Regarding the changes to the spoiler deflections: At the moment that code works but I've already made significant changes to the A320 and it may also be updated soon. Any steam update will remove these changes. I'll check the deflection against my own recorded videos, I can probably increase the inner spoiler pair deflection without any issues.