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  • I'm still missing the option to map controller buttons in mobile. Since it's more or less the same code between desktop and mobile, this should be possible? Especially with iOS14 supporting the Xbox Wireless Elite 2 controller (which waits for me in the mail :)) with its additional paddles (trim! airbrakes! Separate rudder and wheel brakes!) and button mapping by default in the OS. But maybe that's under the hood and not worth mentioning ;)

    Looking forward to it!

  • Oh by the way, dear IPACS team,

    Today many Apple devices with Face ID and all iPad access tasks management from the bottom of the screen. The whole bottom can control the multitasking not only the bottom bar.

    The problem is that the rudder control is half seated in the multitasking bottom area.

    So, sliding the rudder might trigger the iOS multitasking, the most often consequences are:

    • rudder jammed
    • brake/reverses jammed
    • short lost of control while taxiway or landing
    • application switching

    I humble think the solution is to set a bit upper the rudder control out of the multitasking area.

    Or, more humble here, the use of this:…edscreenedgesdeferringsys

    This property must be often use with many games to delay the multitasking effect!

    Best regards.

    Many thanks <3

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